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This is the site about Original All Out King - a mixtape that is part of the "Original" Series and the last of the All Out King" Series. original - all out king

Original All Out King aka
AOK part 5


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Unboxing the Originals Boxset
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Listen Now - the 1st half of AOK part 6 – aka Original – All Out King

I just started a new soundcloud account, and for those who haven't purchased the new mix yet, here it is ... well - The 1st half of it anyway. IF ya want to hear the rest, the buy button is to the left...

The complete Tracklist to AOK part 6 – aka Original – All Out King

1 Diamond D / SSO I went for Mine
2 Gang Starr / Clarence Wheeler & the Enforcers Dwyck
3 Nice and Smooth / Parliament Funky for You
4 Gang Starr Jean-Jacques Perrey Just to get a rep
5 Gang Starr / Manhattans Work
6 Gang Starr / Monk Higgins Code of the Streets
7 Kool G Rap / The Fatback Band Streets of NY
8 Big Daddy Kane / Albert King Young Gifted and Black
9 Kanye West / Mandrill Two Words
10 Kanye West / Mike Oldfield Dark Fantasy
11 Kanye West / Elton John Good Morning
12 Kanye West / Marvin Gaye Space Ship
13 Kanye West / Labi Siffri I Wonder
14 Kanye West / Natalie Cole Heard em Say
15 Jay-z / The Originals Guess Who's Back
16 Jay-z / The 4 Levels of Existence Run This Town
17 Kanye West / Continent number 6 / King Crimson Power
18 Kanye West / Curtis Mayfield Flashing Lights
19 Talib Kweli / Nina Simone Get By
20 Reflection Eternal Move Somethin'
21 Smif N Wessun / Jack Bruce Bucktown
22 East Flatbush Project / Odetta Tried By 12
23 Jeru / Shelly Mann Come Clean
24 Jeru / Modern Jazz Quartet Can't Stop the Prophet (remix)
25 Blackmoon / Ronnie Laws Who Got The Props
26 Crooklyn Dodgers Crooklyn
27 Crooklyn Dodgers / Young-Holt Unlimited Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers
28 Group Home / Ramsey Lewis Livin' Proof
29 Group Home / Cameo Supa Star
30 Royce da 5'9 / Marc Hannibal Boom
31 Notorious BIG / Les McCann 10 Crack Commandments
32 Notorious BIG / Bobby Caldwell Sky's the limit
33 AZ / Lou Donaldson Your World Don't Stop (original version)
34 NAS / The Dells If I Ruled the World
35 Nas / Chic Just a Moment
36 Big L / James Gilstrap Flamboyant
37 Big Pun / Brenda Russell Still Not a Player
38 2pac / Zapp Get Around
39 Ice Cube / Evelyn Champagne King You Know How We Do It
40 Dr. Dre / Soul Mann & the Brothers XXplosive
41 Dr. Dre / David McCallum Next Episode
42 2Pac / Joe Cocker / Ronnie Hudson & The Street People/ Zapp / California Love
43 Snoop Dogg / The Counts / P. Funk What's My Name
44 Snoop Dogg / Laid Back Drop it like it's Hot
45 Raekwon / Earl Klugh Ice Cream
46 Raekwon/ Koko Taylor Incarcerated Scarfaces
47 Method Man / Jerry Butler Bring the Pain
48 The Diplomats / Sanchez Dipset Anthem
49 The Diplomats / Major Harris I Really Mean It
50 A$AP Rocky / S.O.S. Band Peso
51 Rick Ross ft Jay-z / The Friends of Distinction Maybach Music
52 Drake / Bill Conti Forever
53 Lil Wayne / Diana Ross and the Supremes Lollipop
54 Chris Brown / Sparks Look at me Now
55 OutKast / Joe Simon So Fresh and So Clean
56 T.I. / Roberta Flack What You Know
57 Jay-z/ MIA / The Clash Swagger Like Us / MIA Paper Planes
58 O'Jays For the Love of Money
59 Prodigy / Jack Mayborn Keep It Thoro
60 Mobb Deep / Esther Phillips Give Up The Goods
61 Mobb Deep / Quincy Jones / Herbie Hancock Shook Ones part II
62 Alchemist / Al Cooper Hold You Down
63 Dialated Peoples / William Bell Worst Comes to Worst
64 A Tribe Called Quest / Kool and the Gang Oh My God
65 A Tribe Called Quest / Gary Bartz Butter
66 A Tribe Called Quest / Rotary Connection Bonita Applebum
67 Q-Tip / Joe Pass Let's Ride
68 Jaylib / Gap Mangione The Official
69 Slum Village / The Singers Unlimited Players
70 J Dilla / Stylistics Baby
71 Jaylib / Cris Williamson The Red
72 Slum Village / Gap Mangione Fall In Love
73 Hi-Tek / Camel Music For Life

AOK part 6 – aka Original – All Out King is Now available – pre order now to get somethin extra…

I've been pushing this 10 year anniversary boxset since January. And Alas... they are pretty much all GONE. I have maybe one or 2 pieces left at the crib and I know some stores got it , but if ya missed it ya missed it ;)

Since I only made 300 pieces, a lot of folk will be missing out on the new mixtape in the series Original - All Out King - AKA AOK part 6.

But I hate to leave my peoples out, so here it is - available for PRE-ORDER Now - AOK part 6.


Now why you may ask is there a different cover??? Well you see...

This mixtape is actually part of two of my mixtape series . The first one is the Original Series, the 1st mixtape that I made 10 years ago.

It is also part of the ALL OUT KING Series - AOK for short. This one is the last in the series that includes

warmfuzzy (aka AOK part 1), extraordinary (aka AOK part 2), filthy (aka AOK part 3), oscillate wildly (aka AOK part 4), Music For When Nobody's Looking (aka AOK part 5) , and finally - Original - All Out King (AOK part 6) .


ANY WHOO - If you purchase it NOW - you can get the following Coolness - Your very own copy of Original ON CASSETTE . This is original deadstock from 10 years ago - BUT I only have about 50 or so left so this offer is WHILE SUPPLIES LAST***

So Pre-Order Now - for 6 BUCKS PLUS SHIPPING, and get a free "Original" on cassette...

Pre-Order "AOK part 6" aka Original - All Out King

All the pre-orders are out, but you still have the chance to pic up a copy February 2, 2012

So for my super fans of the mixes and the brand, I was finally able to get all the pre-ordered 10 year Anniversary "Original" Boxsets out to y'all. You should be receiving them this week or next depending on your country / area.

I've seen some cool stuff people have done -


Pretty Nifty ;) Thanks for the pic Suitkase.

For you guys who procrastinated, or just sad because you feel left out, I still have about 25 or so pieces left for direct sale, $45 dollars PLUS shipping . Still a bargain for what you get. click the buy now button below...

Peep this video shot by Antriks while I was out in the Bay talking about all the way you need to do packaging to grab consumers of music these days...

I goofed y’all … the Boxset is shipping Jan 23rd now. I’m on filipino time…

Hey all,

Ok. So I was supposed to ship out the mixtape boxset starting MON Jan 16th. BUT it is Martin Luther King day, and the post office is closed... and NOW I'm on my way to Thailand , which for the geographically challenged is about a 22 hour flight NOT including layovers.

SOoooo... until they make that cloning machine or one of them Star trek transporters, there is no way I can't send the packages out until I get back next week :(

In the meantime check the sample of the New mixtape "Original All Out King" to tie you over. Click the podcast link or listen to the left.

1st listen – the new mixtape – Original All Out King

Here ya go. First listen time - sample of the New mixtape "Original All Out King" . Click the podcast link or listen below.

Original All Out King Sampler -

Original - All Out King Cover

Original - AOK tracklist page

This New Mix is only available on the 10 Year Anniversary Original Boxset". It is NOW available for PRE-ORDER. Shipping begins Jan 16th.

Get yours before its too late, there were only 300 pieces made and they're almost all gone....

Special Pre-Order Pricing for the Fans – 10 Yr Anniversary Original Boxset NOW available…

Original Boxset Pre-Order

Sorry for the delay y'all. Recovery from New Years Eve slowed me up a day, but finally - Pre Ordering of the 10 Year Anniversary "Original" Limited Edition Boxset is NOW AVAILABLE at a special super fan price of $30 dollars plus shipping/handling. Only 300 of the boxsets will be sold, and I wanted to make sure the fans had first pick.

Pre-Orders begin shipping 1/16/2012.

Unboxing the new 10 Year Anniversary Original Boxset…

A few weeks ago, we had a celebration to commemorate the anniversary of my first mixtape . But I couldn’t leave y’all with just that.

I’ve been doing sneakpeaks of the boxset for the last 2 weeks. With the Boxset, you get the complete Originals Mixtape seriesOriginal, 2 Original, Nonstop, and the BRAND NEW never heard before Original All Out King.

All the mixes just by themselves make this boxset super special, but let’s do a quick unboxing to see all the dope extras that make this a must have, shall we…


First off, you get a gold leaf embossed giftbox to house the whole package…


Upon Opening you will be greeted with few cool things


A Complete Booklet with the Tracklistings and Original Covers of all the mixtapes in the boxset…


Next , to represent the roots of this mixtape, you get an actual mix “TAPE”, – an Official copy of “Original” on its original medium, the cassette. If you one of them retro kids and have a tape player, you can pop this in and hear how the 1st recording of “Original” sounded like. It was remastered in 2004.


FInally, to show how far times have come since 2001 , we have the mixtapes on their NEW medium – a brushed aluminum branded USB drive


This USB drive will have the 1st 3 cds in 256 kbps Mp3′s. Each of the 1st 3 cds will be have tracked out AND one long complete Mp3 versions .

The BRAND NEW cd, will come in Wav Format. For a while, this will be the only way to hear the new cd. It won’t be available on cd for a few months.

Below is the Cover and Liner notes of the new cd – “Original – All Out King” …

Original - All Out King Cover

Original - AOK tracklist page

So there you have it. A Boxset that represents the history of a classic Mixtape, from 2001 to 2011 .

It will be available for pre-order … RIGHT NOW.


The Recap video – 10 year anniversary of “Original” – 2001 to 2011.

Oh what a night.

A lot of y'all came through, and TRIED to come through to my anniversary party for the 10 year anniversary of "Original", brought to you by adidas last week in NYC.

Basically, it got super packed super quick, AND the person in charge of the door at the club (which I won't even name here) was the opposite of cool.

Below is a video that recaps the event , which included some of the worlds finest DJ's on the wheels...

I didn't get a chance to take pictures that nite so i had to "borrow" some below. Shoot, I didn't even get to DJ the event. Trouble with the venue kept me from getting on the wheels (if you wish to know the details I would be GLAD to BLAB. ;) ) However as you see from above, the crowd didn't miss a step.

Big shouts to DJ Daddy Dog my crewmate from the 5th platoon days, DJ Total Eclipse - my mentor, member of the X-ecutioners / MOTM season 2 , G-bo the Pro mixtape legend who was the original architect of my style , DJ Spinna - the DJ who inspired "Original" , and Questlove.




Shout out to my manager sky for putting it all together, and for Jon Wexler from adidas. Thats my manager below goofing if ya didn't know, next to a dude that pretty much stole one of these special track jackets. Eh, its ok. He's a fan ;)


For all y'all who have been supporting me, thank you so much. Without y'all listening I couldn't have gone this far, and I plan to keep going.

Next time we have an anniversary party though, we'll make sure it's at a GOOD spot, and make sure everyone gets in ;) ...

Dj Neil Armstrong Celebrates 10 Years of "Original" Mixtape! from Billet Video Studios on Vimeo.

RSVP – 12/14 next wed. the 10 year anniversary of “Original” presented by adidas...

Neil Armstrong 10 Year anniversary party for "Original"

This is the “save the date” announcement for my NYC dwellers.

Next wednesday we celebrate the 10 Year anniversary of “Original” , presented by my good friends at adidas.

This is who we have coming thru to provide the soundtrack for the nite -

DJ Daddy Dog my crewmate from the 5th platoon days
DJ Total Eclipse – my mentor, member of the X-ecutioners / MOTM season 2
G-bo the Pro mixtape legend who was the original architect of my style…
Rei Double R – mixtape legend who was the original architect of my style…
DJ Spinna – the DJ who inspired “Original”
Questlove – if you don’t know who that is, its ok if you can’t make it out ;)


adidas celebrates:
The 10 year Anniversary of “original”

Wednesday Dec 14th 2011
Greenhouse NYC (150 Varick St)
11pm – 3am
FREE WITH RSVP: – subject – “rsvp for 10 yr anniversary of original”.

commemorative track jacket by staple design
beer provided by heineken
shouts to Aerial 7 and

Win a chance for 2 to Come to NYC Dec 14th to celebrate the 10 Yr Anniversary of "Original" courtesy of adidas...

I've been hinting at this for a bit here and there of twitter, facebook, this blog .

In 2001, I released Original. My very first mixtape, 10 years ago.


Yeah, thats it up there, made so long ago it actually came out on cassette.

Now ,if you have been following my career, the release of this mixtape proved to be a turning point in my life. Almost everything that I've gotten to do, all that I've accomplished can be tied to that mixtape. And being that it is the 10 year anniversary of its release - we are gonna be celebrating next week Dec 14th @ Greenhouse in NYC. We are locking in the details - but we have some of the greatest DJ's coming through to create the soundtrack for the night!


Now I know I have fans all over the world, but for my peoples in the U.S. you have a chance TODAY AND TOMORROW to win a chance to come out to NYC and party with me courtesy of adidas Originals.

adidas is running a HOLIDAY scavenger hunt - called the Pleasure Hunt. Peep the video below - with Paolo from adidas London telling ya what ya have to do!

Win a VIP trip for two to either NYC to see DJ Neil Armstrong or LA to see Kendrick Lamar by visiting your closest participating adidas Originals store* and find the right clues! 5 trips to NYC AND 5 trips to LA will be awarded to one of you lucky adidas fans.

*Participating stores:

SOHO: 136 Wooster Street | New York | NY10012
QUEENS GARDEN: 90-15 Queens Blvd. STE 2061 | Elmhurst | NY 11373
GARDEN STATE PLAZA: 1 Garden State Plaza | Space #1210 | Paramus | NJ 07652
CROSS COUNTRY: 6010 Mall Walk | Space #6010 | Yonkers | NY 10704
ROOSEVELT FIELD: 630 Old Country Space #1112 Garden City | NY 11530
STATEN ISLAND: 2655 Richmond Ave Space #1060 | Staten Island | NY 10314
NEWPORT MALL: 30 Mall Drive West | Space #A49B | Jersey City | NJ 07310
WILLOWBROOK: 1400 Willowbrook Mall | Space #1465 | Wayne NJ 07470
BRIDGEWATERS COMMONS: 400 Commons Way | Space #2235 | Bridgewater | NJ 08807
GEORGETOWN: 1251 Wisconsin Ave NW |Georgetown | DC 20007
CHICAGO: 923 North Rush Street | Chicago | IL 60611
ATLANTA: (Lenox Square) 3393 Peachtree Street NE | Atlanta GA 30326
PHILADELPHIA: 436 South Street | Philadelphia | PA 19147
MELROSE: 8009 Melrose Ave | Los Angeles | CA 90046
BERKELEY: 2333 Telegraph Ave | Berkeley | CA 94704
SOUTH COAST PLAZA: 3333 Bear Street | Costa Mesa | CA 92626

So my folk in NYC, DC, CHICAGO, ATL, PHILLY, LA and SF, head over here to this link -Pleasure Hunt, or HEAD to one of the Stores above to enter!

Here is some important fine print y'all need to see -

Prize: FIVE (5) NEW YORK TRIP GRAND PRIZES: A trip for two (2) to the DJ Neil Armstrong event in New York, NY on December 14, 2011. Trip package includes round trip coach class air transportation for two (2) from a major airport near winner's home (determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion) to New York, NY; two (2) nights' accommodations at a hotel determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion (single room, double occupancy); ground transportation between the hotel and airport, and between the hotel and the event; two (2) tickets to the DJ Neil Armstrong event on December 14, 2011 (seating determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion). Winner must travel on December 13, 2011 and return on December 15, 2011 or prize will be forfeited. Approximate Retail Value ("ARV"): $4,500. FIVE (5) LOS ANGELES TRIP GRAND PRIZES: A trip for two (2) to the adidas Originals presents "Respect The West" event in Los Angeles, CA on December 15, 2011. Trip package includes round trip coach class air transportation for two (2) from a major airport near winner's home (determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion) to Los Angeles, CA; two (2) nights' accommodation at a hotel determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion (single room, double occupancy); ground transportation between the hotel and airport, and between the hotel and the event; and two (2) tickets to the adidas Originals presents "Respect The West" on December 15, 2011 (seating determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion). Winner must travel on December 14, 2011 and return on December 16, 2011 or prize will be forfeited. ARV: $4,500.

For All Prizes: Travel must be roundtrip. Sponsor will determine airline and flight itinerary in its sole discretion. No refund or compensation will be made in the event of the cancellation or delay of any flight. Travel and accommodations are subject to availability. Travel is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Sweepstakes, and those set forth by the Sponsor’s airline carrier of choice as detailed in the passenger ticket contract. All expenses and incidental travel costs not expressly stated in the package description above, including but not limited to, ground transportation, meals, incidentals, passenger tariffs or duties, airline fees, surcharges, airport fees, service charges or facility charges, personal charges at lodging, security fees, taxes or other expenses are the responsibility solely of winner. Unless child of winner (thirteen (13) years of age or older), travel companion must be eighteen (18) years of age or older as of the date of departure and must travel on same itinerary and at the same time as the winner. If winner is a minor in his/her state of residence, travel companion must be winner’s parent/legal guardian. Travel companion must execute liability/publicity releases prior to issuance of travel documents. Travel restrictions, conditions and limitations may apply. If in the judgment of Sponsor air travel is not required due to winner’s proximity to prize location, ground transportation will be substituted for round trip air travel at Sponsor’s sole discretion. Sponsor will not replace any lost, mutilated, or stolen tickets, travel vouchers or certificates. Sponsor is not responsible if the DJ Neil Armstrong event, or the adidas Originals presents "Respect The West" event are delayed, postponed or cancelled for any reason, in which event that portion of prize is forfeited in its entirety and no substitution will be provided except as in Sponsor’s sole discretion. Actual value may vary based on airfare fluctuations and distance between departure and destination. Winner will not receive difference between actual and approximate retail value. Prizes are non-transferable and no substitution will be made except as provided herein at the Sponsor’s sole discretion. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize for one of equal or greater value if the designated prize should become unavailable for any reason. Winners are responsible for all taxes and fees associated with prize receipt and/or use. Odds of winning the prize depend on the number of eligible entries received during the Promotion Period for each trip prize. Total ARV of all Prizes: $45,000.