Updated Feb 2017

If you are at this page, you have attended a Dinner & A Mixtape event, or you are just really cool and I figured you could use some good music :)

On this page you will be able to Download DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG’S COMPLETE MIXTAPE LIBRARY. These mixes have been separated into multiple downloads to make the files more manageable. (If it was 1 file it would be just shy of 5 GB).


1) ADD ALL THESE ITEMS BELOW TO YOUR SHOPPING CART like any other online shopping store . Click on the add to cart button, easy peezy.

2) Upon checkout, sign into your account (make sure the RETURNING CUSTOMER box is checked) using your email and password , which you received at the event you attended or via email.

3) If Your EMAIL is on the Proper “VIP” List, All the items in your shopping cart WILL be available to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE, cost of each Download will be $0.00. If you aren’t using the proper email address that you gave at the event, you won’t be able to download the files for FREE. So don’t be giving this page just to any old person… this is JUST FOR YOU.

FINALLY -You will then receive an email with links  to obtain your downloads, or you can go to your account and sign in at – https://djneilarmstrong.com/account-2/, your Download links will be listed there.

Please NOTE: You can only download the Mixtape GROUPS a maximum of 3 times.

If you have any issues please email me at [email protected]

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This jam-packed motherload of mixtapes include the following :

The Original Series – Original, 2 Original, NonStop Original Live, Original5

The Sweeet Series – Sweeet, BitterSweeet, Smoove, Sweeet Part 2, Sweeet Part 3

The “All Out King Series – Warmfuzzy, ExtraOrdinary, Filthy, Oscillate Wildly, Music For When Nobody’s Looking, Original All Out King

Still Nonstop
SidePiece Valentine’s
Warmfuzzy Part 2
ExtraOrdinary Part 2

Remixes & Rarities
Sugarcoated Remix Album
Drake Best I Ever Had Cupit
Drake Best I Ever Had 112
Frank Ocean – Thinking Bout You Remix
Alicia Keys / Brownstone – Come Be In the Sky With Me
Usher X Chris Brown New Flame in this club
Will (Pharell) – Love Me Sexy x Happy remix
Drake X Montell Jordan – Hold On we’ll Get it on Tonite Remix
Drake X 112 – Best I Ever Had Remix
Drake X Total Best I Ever Had Remix
Marcy To Barclay’s
The Do Over May 24th
DJ Neil Armstrong Live on HalfTime Radio Show
Something for the Summertime
Live on Basementalism * Lost recording
Live at Soul Sessions 4-23-10
Live on Kiss FM w ShorteeBlitz & MK

Extra Mixes
DNA of the Blueprint
FInal Frontier – Fully Laced Mixtape
Marcy to Barclays Mixtape
Packer Shoes Much Love to Jersey Mixtape
Kuttin Kandi Wedding mix
The Theme Travel Mix
CornerStone # 79 Best of 2009 Mixtape