TOMORROW NITE – Nov 2nd, Thursday, A VERY SPECIAL Edition of Dinner & A Mixtape at the Thompson Seattle

Thompson Seattle
110 Stewart Street
Seattle, Washington 98101

This is dang near an all day event of great music & food.


6:30 – 8:30 PM – Auxiliary Dinner & A Mixtape
at the cabin Scout at Thompson Seattle . Exclusive one night only music themed menu by Derek Simcik.

$90++ per person . Beverage pairings available. Only 20 seats available.


A 7 course “music themed”  culinary experience. Some of the dishes come from lyrics from Chef Derek’s favorite songs, while others are dishes that are favorites of various hip hop artists he loves to listen to.

  •  Halibut (represents a record)

black melon sauce, thai herbs

  • ‘Ham n’ Eggs’ (Tribe Called Quest)

bottarga, cheddar, chicharones

  • Prawns (Pimp C)

salsify, caviar

  • ‘Macaroni’  (2pac)

foie, aged parmesan

  • Porridge (drum for bass)

barely-farro, pomegranate seeds, paper drum top

  • Aged Beef (Notorious BIG)

chanterelle ragu, bone marrow demi

  • Cereal (LL-Cool J)

cinnamon rice puff, marshmallow crunch, toasted milk ice cream

  • Take A-Way will be “Chocolate Chip Cookie” Puppy Chow ( Common’s Favorite)

8:30PM til? – After the Dinner its the After Party…
at The Nest at Thompson Seattle – iconic rooftop bar, lounge, and terrace . Attendees of Dinner & A Mixtape roll thru as part of the dinner. $20 at the door (doors open 7PM) for my party peoples who couldn’t make it to the dinner!

I’m very excited for this one, as we get to bring the whole #dinnerandamixtape concept to a higher level. I’m hoping my fellow #foodies and #musiclovers can join us for the experience.

PLEASE NOTE – WE ARE NEARLY SOLD OUT SO DO NOT DELAY. Contact Raquel Lee for more info :