DJNA X 5&ADime – T-shirt / DNA of the Blueprint CD Collabo…

There is a company called 5 & A Dime that did a pretty dope shirt for this filipino guy named Manny Pacquio

It was pretty fresh, search I was actually rocking it at my sweeet part 2 release party in NYC, pharmacy pictured here with the PUERTO ROCK BARAK

stuff on Flickr”>DJ Neil Armstrong & the Puerto Rock Barack

Well this time around, they’ve picked up another Pinoy named Neil Armstrong – Yours truly – to Do a collaboration with.

We gots a T-shirt – with a graphics stressing the love and exploration of good music by DJ Neil Armstrong.

5 and A Dime Collabo project

5 and A Dime Collabo project


DJ Neil Armstrong - The DNA of the Blueprint CD


Previously, this was ONLY AVAILABLE AS A FREE DOWNLOAD, in one long mp3. This version is CUT UP into tracks, for your days cruising in the car away from a computer for example ;)

Each CD is going to Be NUMBERED AND SIGNED by myself.

And we are only offering 100 pieces of this special collaboration package.

Here are more views of the goods .

5 & A Dime

5 & A Dime

5 & A Dime

5 & A Dime

Now where can you get these???

Well, if you are in the San Diego Area, you are in luck. For now, this will be released only at the 5 and a Dime Store, AND THIS PARTY BELOW , NEXT FRIDAY – APRIL 30th.

So Come thru and get yours before its too late.

The package is going for $26 beans. A limited T and signed CD? yes, I can see you guys smiling ;)

Sorry my online fans, we keeping this analog this time around ;) But cross your fingers ! we can always change our minds ;)

Rhythm & Recreation

5 and a Dime will be selling $10 pre-sale tickets at their store. The pre-sale purchase will also get you two free drink tickets before 11pm.

We will also be selling the t-shirt/cd’s at the event, so remember to bring cash so you can pick your’s up while supplies last.

Don’t MISS IT, or your chance to pick up the GOOD MUSIC EXPLORATION PACKAGE!

THIS FRIDAY – April 30th , 2010

At Thin/Onyx
852 5th Ave
San Diego, CA

9 PM – 2 AM
21 & UP


To Celebrate the 5 & A Dime / DJ Neil Armstrong T-shirt/CD LIMITED EDITION COLLABORATION!

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  1. armenexchange
    armenexchange says:

    i think the moonman logo as the main woulda been wayy sicker but dope combo nonetheless. esp without the hypebeast price!

    dope collab armstrong n 5&adime!

  2. Harvey Castellano aka @DJ_Cast
    Harvey Castellano aka @DJ_Cast says:

    I agree w/ armenexchange. The Moonman logo is so PHAT. Every Flip that I showed it to raved about it. Get 5 & A Dime to make that on the front of a t-shirt!


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