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Apple Music Hip Hop R&B Throwback mix w/ LowKey

Back when everyone was Playing Ludacris in the club, I was still playing Bill withers and 10 year old Mary j joints. So I guess I always been a #throwbackdj.

Makes sense I get to throwdown for @lowkeyuhtn and @applemusic.

Head to this link –


Or just search for hip hop throwback with Lowkey in your Apple music search bar.

Specific assignment was anything between 1990s to 2017. I kept it in the last 90’s / 2000 club era hits for the most part just to make sure that it didn’t go over the average listeners heads.

Wild right what is considered a throwback. The music ages like fine wine, it just gets better with time.

Just fyi, I was handcuffed with being able to do my real thing which is blends. Why? Because the payment algorithm gets confused as hell and can’t figure out who gets what if I do my thing thing. So yet again, capitalism ruins everything.

The mix will air at the following times tomorrow (Fri, March 4th) – 2:30AM PST / 10:30AM PST / 9:30PM PST and will be up on apple music’s platform there for ya’ll to listen to on demand.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane ya’ll….

Shouts to @djjuanyto for connecting the dots.

Nov 9th – 9 PM EST Live-streaming music from ExtraOrdinary…

The beauty of all the #twitch #dj livestreams has been the sheer diversity of music you can hear at any given moment. I’d like to think that I have a decent music knowledge, and yet somehow still 90% of the music I’m hearing I’ve never heard before or haven’t heard in a very long time.

Back about 14 years ago I made a mixtape series called the “All Out King” mixtape series. The 2nd one in the series was all ‘rock’ music, and included everything from the Zombies and Aerosmith to the cure and 10,000 maniacs on it.

Later tonite we gonna delve into some of that… With video.

Come thru.




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8/4 – TONITE we Cuffin’ in Jersey City @ Red Lounge

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SWING EASY TODAY 8/4 from 4-9 PM @ Cafe Erzulie

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10/21 – The Boom Bap Live! in Nashville

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8/1 – Tuesday Dinner & A Mixtape returns to Sand Diego at Pardon My French Bar & Kitchen

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Dinner & A Mixtape returns to LA @ PaliHouse West Hollywood 7/30 Sunday nite

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#itsthereal Rocafella Records Celebration Podcast 7/26 At The Highline Ballroom NYC

7/14 – Belated NYC Bday celebration – Shapes w/ DJ Soul at Louie & Chan

7/14 – NYC Belated Bday Celebration w/ DJ Soul at Louie & Chan / Shapes

7/7 – Panama City Panama for the SneakerPimps Latin America Tour

7/3 – Dinner & A Mixtape returns to Portland @ Revelry

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4/17 – Motown on Mondays Oak w/ DJ Platurn at Legionnaire Saloon

4/17 Motown on Mondays Oakland w/ Platurn & TekNeek at Legionnaire Saloon