So in just under 2 weeks, I will be moving from #nyc to Tokyo for good. I’ll be back often enough, but for the first time I won’t have my own place in the big apple.

Last week for my bday I did a live ‘original’ all vinyl set… But I only did about an hours worth of musical madness. I got a whole lot more in the crates.

All my records are essentially going into storage until I can get them over to japan… So I’m gonna do one last set, all vinyl.

July 1st
Wednesday at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time

I know, my peoples in Europe are gonna have a bit of a tough time checking in, but at least my Asia folks get to have breakfast with me as the soundtrack.

I’ll be primarily broadcasting via, but will also have a Facebook live stream up – until they cut me off that is.

See y’all mañana…