Dinner & A Mixtape comes to Portland @ Revelry with Chef Rachel Yang & DJ Neil Armstrong

WHAT: A Dinner Party thrown by Chef Rachel Yang and DJ Neil Armstrong.

WHEN: July 3rd, 2017

WHERE: Revelry Restaruant, 210 SE MLK

You’re invited to an open invitation dinner party where the music dictates the menu. We’re collaborating with NYC’s finest and Jay-z’s former Tour DJ, Neil Armstrong, to create a one of a kind experience that allows food and music to come together and carry an environment.

We’ll start with a short cocktail mixer where the music and food will lead to cheerful grazing of small bites, served buffet style.

Shortly after, Dinner will be served. Family Style dining, algonquin-like tables, and a playlist that will mimic the robust flavors of Rachel Yang.

The soundtrack for the nite : SidePiece Valentine’s / Still Nonstop


Make your own flavor Potato Chip bar, various toppings
Ceviche, kimchi, Chinese mustard
Smoked Tuna Belly, Grated Tomato Vin, on Toast
Laoasian Crispy Rice Salad, Crispy Pig’s Ear
Smashed Cucumber Salad, Tom Yum Dressing, Curried Peanuts
Sesame Noodle, Chili Pesto
Grilled Mackerel, Yellow Mole, Radish
Mrs. Yang’s Korean Fried Chicken
Country Style Ribs, Sticky Tamarind Glaze, Popped Coriander
Korean Treasure Rice, mixed grains
Sauteed Mixed Greens, Cashew Vinaigrette
**Vegetarian Options upon request**