I am a #hiphop head & a DJ, but my first love wasn’t the boom bap, it was all the music that gets chucked under the label new wave. Mostly because of my sister who was 4 years older then me, and our location which allowed us to get #WLIR – that station that broke all the crazy bands that no one else was playing here in the USA (i.e. Depeche Mode, New Order, PIL, Joan Jett, The Smiths… shoot even Prince is in there).
This station and the music they were rocking was probably the impetus for my view and love for music… I mean, one of their slogans was Dare to Be Different. 

Being a violin, eye glass wearing nerd didn’t make me very popular as a tweenager . Lack of friends and inability to play normal team sports pushed to me find comfort in these emo ass songs. And of course, going down that rabbit hole turned me into a #Newwave Snob. I went searching for more and more obscure groups… Or maybe… the obscure groups searched me out?!?

Anyway, the last twitch livestream, I ended up playing a bunch of songs that I was considering for my new mixtape “Get In Loser, we’re going crying…”

A bunch of the songs were “one hit wonders” and pretty obscure… So we kind of ended up playing a round of “name that tune” in the chat.

I stumped quite a few of the attendees, with these oh so slightly familiar tunes that they had heard maybe years ago… but the name of the group or the song was just left on the tip of their tongues…

It was a blast for myself and any other #newwavesnob in the chat, as new music was shared and old songs were revisited.

SOOOOO… I decided to turn it into a little #livestream Segment.

Come join us:

August 7th FRIDAY




#Newwave snobs. Old new music that you may have missed or forgotten.