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Bread, Ribs, 100 dollar bills.

As a youngster in #nyc, I surrounded myself in all things hip hop. I used to hang out at the original @fatbeats so much in the pre-beeper, pre-cellphone era that I would tell people to just call me there assuming I’d probably be in the building. Shouts to @i.ryansikorski for not kicking me out.

Add #hiphop super fan to a #filipinoamerican with collector tendencies and you have a recipe for either a curator of culture, or a #hoarder. My wife (and anyone who has watched Marie kondo) would call me the latter.

For let’s say the last 2 years I’ve been on mission to sort thru my things, pick out the things that spark joy, and prepare to purge the rest.

But a lot of these things hold memories for me. Stickers that I kept over the years, t-shirts and cassettes I picked up, street promo posters I jacked.

But alas… a lot of these these things still gotta go, because yuko won’t let me bring them to japan.

So tomorrow night, we gonna do a little shall we say… ‘urban’ QVC – shoppers channel.

I’m gonna show off some of my things, tell some stories surrounding them, all the while listing to that boom bap Era hip hop. Getting into my more obscure crates, b-sides and album cuts, songs that I almost never get to listen to anymore.

Oh… AND if you are a savvy #ebay person… You’ll get to pick these jems up and provide a good home for them…

Peep my eBay account at :

So get your dinner ready if you’re on the east coast (take a quick work break if you on the west coast)… BBQ ribs will be preferred,

Fire up your twitch account, and take a trip down memory lane with me. Oh, and  get ya wallets ready.

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