One last time…

Original Live – All Vinyl Set
Sept 4th Friday
8PM EST / 5 PM PST .

Back on July 11th we were ready to return to Japan, so I did “one last” all vinyl originals set before I was set to put all the gems in storage.

But Covid said sit yo *ss down. 

So somehow 2 months have already passed us all by. Once again, I have a new (pretty dang firm) date to leave NYC for good, as I will now be a “permanent resident” of Japan .

So for real this time – I’m gonna dust off my vinyl to rock for ya’ll.

Please join me. Original Samples paired with their #HipHop counterparts.

I will probably go for at least 2 hours if not 3. I’m gonna get it in now because I don’t know when I’ll be able to do something like this again.

Join us please, as we take this musical journey in the art of sampling….