Back in 2004 (just 2 years shy of a 20 year anniversary) I made a mixtape for valentine’s day.

It was called Warmfuzzy, the first in the “All Out King” mixtape series.

Everything was on it from Al Green and Alicia Keyes, to the Cranberries and the Cure.

For those that follow me on twitch, you know I’ve gotten into playing  music videos for all those joints that I love to listen to.

For this Valentine’s Day, I remastered the original audio, and paired it with it’s visuals.

I will be debuting it for the first time Feb 14th, on my weekly twitch show.
Perfect way to end your valentine’s day w/ yo bae . I think y’all should join us…

Oh… and this will be offered as a digital DL :) Pre-order link will go out monday for y’all.

Don’t miss it. On my @twitch channel

Valentine’s Day Monday Feb 14th
WE start at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST

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