JUNE 19th, this FRIDAY

I officially am on the wrong side of 40. Yes, it’s my birthday and also – Juneteenth Freedom day AND the bday of #filipino national hero Jose rizal. Yeah, it’s a good day to celebrate. .

SOOO, Instead of sitting around in my drawers all day eating Ritz crackers and dove ice cream bars (this what I been doing since self quarentine), I’m gonna get off my large and in charge behind and get on the wheels for an hour and some change to bring ya’ll some good vibes.

3 pm Eastern standard time. I’ll be able to say good morning to my peoples in Hawaii, have lunch with my peoples on the Westcoast, catch my east coasters right about the time they sick of working and zoom meetings, and send my folks off in Europe to dreamland simultaneously.  My peoples in Asia are kinda screwed :( sorry about that.

Please join me, as I will be performing an all vinyl original sample set (like my mixtapes nonstop & still nonstop). We might even have some birthday giveaways/sale items.