Today I start my last week of @twitch #livestreaming in #nyc. If you a fan of that boom bap Era #hiphop, come thru.

Monday 8/31 will be the last episode of Bread, Ribs, $100 Dollar Bills. A super short run cut extra short because starting the week after, I’ll be in japan… and yuko said if I bring any of my collection (Aka #hoard) with me it would not be a pretty sight.

So join me as we delve thru some #hiphop music we haven’t heard in a while (or maybe have never heard at all), and take a trip down memory lane as I go thru the last batch of nostalgia (much of which will be on sale on eBay where u can help find these items new homes).

I think I may even bust out some of my @adidasoriginals rarities for ya’ll to peep…

COME thru.


P.S. – hit the ebay link if ya wanna bring some of the goods home yourself –