SidePiece Valentine’s DIGITAL DL

SidePiece Valentine's DIGITAL DL

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SidePiece Valentine's DIGITAL DL
SidePiece Valentine's DIGITAL DL

SidePiece Valentine's DIGITAL DL

Everyday besides Feb 14th is SidePiece Valentine's Day.

Digital DL available Now.

Sidepiece Valentine’s, songs that cover the not so pretty side of your search for love and booty.
See below for the liner note description.

Listen to some of the remixes Here: here :

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From the Liner Notes :

Oh the perils of romance in the modern age. Love…
it’s supposed to be one of the most beautifullest things in the world.
The truth is, Love for most is ugly with a capital UGH.
It’s a journey with twists and turns, where half the time it seems like we’re just making mistakes and bad decisions. We end up not even knowing what we truly want and can’t even figure out how we want it all to end. It’s never all sunshine and lollipops. Not in the really real world anyway.

You meet someone. You think they’re great, but its -
I’m not ready for a serious “relationship" right now.
I like you…but I’m in love with someone else.
I’m just enjoying being “single”, so you know… let’s just have fun wink wink.

If you can maintain your sanity and keep your cynicism to a minimum during the process, you have the chance to come out the other side with your soul intact. If you’re lucky, you don’t hurt anyone along the way and you get to see the beauty in all of it, even in the parts of the experience that will potentially fill you with disappointment and heartache.

It’s that whole yin & yang thing. You can’t have the good without the bad, and the sad times.. well, they will make your moments of happiness that much greater.

Sure, it was probably easier back in the day during simpler times when you could find a companion and get married by giving a cow to a prospective bride’s parents. But if it was still like that now, all these great songs about the infinite pursuit wouldn’t have been written, and I wouldn't have been able to make this mixtape you hold here - Sidepiece Valentine’s, songs that cover the not so pretty side of your search for love and booty.

1 Fabolous - Can't let you go
2 TLC - Creep
3 Slum Village - Selfish
4 Drake - Find Your Love
5 Brandy & Monica - Boy is Mine
6 Nivea - Don't Mess With My Man
7 SWV - You're the one
8 702 - Where my girls at
9 Chaka Khan - Foolish Fool
10 Lucy Pearl - Don't Mess with my man
11 SOS Band - Just be good to me
12 Dianna Ross - Upside Down
13 Inner Life - I'm Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair)
14 Yvonne Elliman - If I Can't Have You
15 SWV - Im So Into You
16 Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Elses Guy
17 Mokenstef - He's Mine
18 Brownstone - Grapevyne
19 Destiny's Child - Say My Name
20 Keyshia Cole -  I Should've Cheated
21 Kandi - Don't Think Im Not
22 3LW - No More
23 Sunshine Anderson - Heard it All Before
24 Blu Cantrell - Hit Em up Style
25 Dru Hill - Sleeping in my Bed
26 Mario Winans - I dont wanna know
27 Mario - Let Me Love You
28 Daley - Somewhere
29 The Dream - Luv Your Girl
30 Ghostface Ne-yo - Back Like that
31 Beyonce - Irreplaceable
32 R Kelly - When A Women's Fed Up
33 Jackson 5ive - Who's Loving You

ALSO Included in DIGITAL DL :
Find Your Love (Wheelchair Jimmy Remix) - Drake
Kiss Me Thru The Cellphone Remix - Drake
Hov X B Irreplaceable Remix

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