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DJ Neil Armstrong’s Travel Essentials Via Hypebeast

click on Flickr”>Hypebeast Essentials

Hey Boys and girls,

Hypebeast.com does this essentials feature, and this is what I bring along with me when I have to hit the road. Peep the link to see their feature, and read below to read the reasons why these get brought along …

1) sweeet 10 year anniversary slipmats – Need these to DJ
2) combination phone car charger / wall charger – Keep my phone charged in the ride or whatever . As an avid social media power user this is necessary.
3) passport – a lot of overseas travel
4) diamond medallion delta skymiles membership – Highest level of Frequent Flyer membership on Delta. Allows spending all my time up in the air to be pleasant.
5) advantage Platinum American Airlines membership – almost to the top of the American Frequent Flyers club.
6) Priority Pass Membership – allows me to get into those swanky airline lounges around the globe . Makes a 4 hour layover a pretty decent experience.
7) Global Entry – super expedited customs clearance. – I get thru customs in LITERALLY 3 minutes if I dont have checked baggage.
8) jason markk – Keep my sneakers clean
9) magic eraser – also a sneaker head secret
10) Canon S90 – good for night time shots in the club. pretty old model but with all the phone camera advances, haven’t had to upgrade.
11) Neil Armstrong stickers – trying to go all city all over the world
12) Lifetrons – external phone battery charger – when an outlet is not handy, i can keep my phone charged so i can instagram my food.
13) perfect pushup – exercise. get my swole on.
14) Bounce sheets ?
15) square – so i can take credit card payments for my product
16) Tiffany’s Paloma Picasso Ring – one of the few pieces of jewelry I have.
17) adidas micoach – I RUN. This gives me a coaching program to go with the running, instead of wandering around aimlessly.
18) Neat receipts scanner – for all my expenses . Taxes is whats hot in the streets.
19) adidas Supernova glides – #teamadidas always.
20) Tigers Eye bracelet -one of my other pieces
21) Euros. 50 of em . always carry some foreign currency just to be safe for overseas travel.
22) adidas rain poncho – Cause I dont wanna get caught out in the rain. DUH
23) Aerial 7 headphone – is my weapon of choice
24) Droid Razr Maxx – Im a android head.
25) NBA League pass on phone – GO KNICKS!

2/7 – Los Angeles , y’all wanna learn how I make mixtapes? Come out to The Acrylick Scratch Session…

sickness on Flickr”>The Spring Scratch Session at Acrylick - Sweeet 10 Yr anniversary Edition

What up my fellow music lovers. I recently did this little tutorial session up in Toronto, treat and because I’m love giving back to the peoples, pharmacy we are doing it again on my run out on the west coast.

If you have ever wondered how I make mixtapes, this is your chance to pick my brain.

Acrylick”> presents

Thursday – Feb 7th from 8pm- 12am
The Spring Scratch Session w a SPECIAL Mixtape Tutorial By DJ Neil Armstrong @

Acrylick ® Store
631 N. Azusa Ave
Azusa, CA 91702
Phone: (626)334-9922

Cost: FREE

If you are interested in coming particularly for the mixtape Seminar, please RSVP @ djneilarmstrong@gmail.com , SUBJECT:Mixtape Class

When you RSVP, hit me with 5 questions of things you want me to answer/talk about. Could be anything from technical questions, to marketing, to costs etc etc etc.