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Gettin my luche libre on at Camaradas NYC w/ G Bo the pro…

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Who is that masked man above, ampoule Next to the Other masked man??

It was your’s truly, representing in EL BARRIO Uptown NYC baby last Cinco De Mayo for G Bo the Pro for the 2 Year anniversary of His WayBack Whensdays Party .

On Deck to rep for The Man were myself, DJ TONY TOUCH, REI DOUBLE R, and Victor Vargas and DJ Dres.

The spot had this NYC house party feel, with folk both young and old , their to get they groove on…

Camaradas wayback whensdays

Tony Touch and Neil Armstrong

Rei Double R

Camaradas wayback whensdays

Camaradas wayback whensdays

Camaradas wayback whensdays

G Bo The Pro

The Lineup that G Bo the Pro had representing for him was AMAZING.

One name you may not entirely match to his product is Victor Vargas. For my NYC folk who listened to all that house stuff back in the day with the Spanish hollerin – The dude saying all that stuff was VICTOR VARGAS – WEEEEEEPPPPAAHH!

The guys over at Kingsofnewyork.com recorded the festivities. I finally get to rock my luche libre mask on video. SCORE.

THE TRAILER IS BELOW, BUT TO PEEP THE NIGHT IN FULL – Head over here to peep and use the password : kingsofnewyork .


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Peace to G Bo, and all these legends that I got to throwdown for! Hopefully I’ll see ya at the next anniversary ;)