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4/29 – Sunday – Speaking on the Evolution of an Idea at the Carbon Festival

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I’ll be part of the panel discussion this year, sales where I yammer on more about treating your artform as a brand…

April 29 Day 02

Dust LaRock
Huy Bennet
DJ Neil Armstrong

11AM – 1PM
BMW Edge
Federation Square

At some point in time, most brands or products find it necessary to expand or broaden their appeal. Growth and change is an inevitable part of a successful artist or brand’s evolution. In this forum, a panel of creative individuals will share their various experiences of appealing to new audiences and markets. This discussion includes the negative aspects of expanding a brand’s reach beyond the traditional audience. The panel will be sharing war stories from their time spent trying to reach new markets. Has their process of design changed in order to appeal to newer audiences? How have they adapted their creative process in order to attract new customers?

4/27 – Friday I’m In Melbourne Australia to Help kick off the Carbon Festival with Nick Catchdubs & Party Supplies…

This week I return to Australia to party and rock with a bunch of creatives. If you are in Melbourne, and this is the only place to be this weekend…


Australia’s premier contemporary, creative-culture event, CARBON is back! Now in its second year, CARBON celebrates and explores style, design and street culture via a series of forums and side-shows.

Headlining this Launch Party is a showcase performance by indie label Fool’s Gold out of NYC and includes eclectic sets by a favourite amongst local partygoers, Nick Catchdubs (Fool’s Gold co-founder and multi-genre party DJ), plus relative newcomer and literal one-man-band Party Supplies whose handmade MPC symphonies and heartfelt stage presence blend hip-hop energy with anthemic indie hooks. Party Supplies will be joining the lineup hot off the back of his collaborative release with Action Bronson ‘Blue Chips’.

Party rocker, Mixtape DJ, founder of DJ collective ’5th Platoon’ and former tour DJ for Jay-Z, are but a few of the titles attached to DJ Neil Armstrong, another New Yorker that we’re excited to welcome to the CARBON Launch lineup.

And from local waters, Auckland, New Zealand DJ collective The ARC will share the earlier hours of the party with local producer/DJ duo Dublin Aunts, favourites amongst Hype Machine enthusiasts for their approach to electronic funk and nu-disco.