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For those that missed the lunch breaks show with crazy legs…

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I cooked. Almost burned Crazy Leg’s House to the ground. They ate, generic I didn’t.

Surf and turf – bbq steak and shrimp with garlic butter rice and sauteed spinach.

they said it was delicious… and then I mixed some records. It’s all been recorded here for your viewing pleasure…

Thanks Crazy Legs and D-Stroy for making my first Lunch Breaks a memorable one!

6/22 – The Lunchbreaks internet show from 2-4 pm EST with @crazylegsrsc

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If ya don’t know what the Rocksteady Crew is , and who Crazy Legs is… hmmmm… maybe you shouldn’t be following me ;)

Naw, I got love for everyone, even the hip hop r-tards .

The homey & D-Stroy, that crazy MC from the arsonists, invited me for Wednesday 6/22 episode of Lunch Breaks , Part Cooking Show, Part Hip Hop, All Entertainment.

If you are bored at work and have an internet connection, tune in for some good wholesome lunchtime fun and good music!

Go to http://crazylegsworkshop.com/index.php/watch-lunch-breaks-show to check out the live stream this wednesday – 6/22 from 2 to 4 pm EST…