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Partying til the sun came up in Frankfurt…

Below is another “day in the life” type video from my 24 hours in Frankfurt Germany on June 26th at the rooftop of the 25 Hour Hotel.

Julian Middlebrookspretty much captured the whole thing beauuutifully for L’Agentur & the IMA Clique, search for what can only be described as the party of the year in Frankfurt… so far ;)

capsule on Flickr”>P1020703

If ya in a hurry, prescription you can just watch the clip above, but i love to babble so I’ll give y’all a bit more…


Jumpin on a train from Zurich, I arrived at the 25 hour hotel and found one of the COOLEST Hotels I’ve had the opportunity to be in… and I’ve been in MANY, so I think you can trust my opinion.

frankfurt trainin it


The 25 hour hotel in frankfurt is a beautiful hotel, with basically all the decor put together by Levi’s from what I understand, which is in the same “complex”….


Decor is nice, posh but not snot…

the elevator in the 25 hour hotel


And the rooms were pretty funky, with this whole beatles themed yellow submarine hippy feel, as you can see in this little Point of view video –

The party itself was conveniently held on the roof of the hotel as the main dancefloor, and the courtyard era below as well –

The roof top

The party was jam jam packed. and it didn’t end until the sun came up…






PEACE TO DJ Passion who has a supa dope style and is up on some other stuff…




Peace to Yves Hoffman, L’Agentur & the IMA Clique for bringing me out!


According to what they all told me, this was DEFINITELY a Party that went down in history.

We were up until 5:30 in the morn, still stomping… which doesn’t happen in Frankfurt usually, not with the Hip Hop / Soul / Music Heads….

Peep the Video right here to be a witness –

SHoot. Someone even lost a shoe!


Now thats what we call a party.

Peace too Andi Schulz and Jack Sehn in advance … I “borrowed” some facebook pics y’all posted up! .

Wanna See more from the night – peep out some pics by Chrishimself on his flickr page.

Guys, thank you for making my trip to Frankfurt one of my most memorable. I CAN’T WAIT until the next time :)