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DJ Neil Armstrong on the Fatherhoods podcast – Episode up now…

I had the distinct privilege to join @whoiscrazy #kgb and @mannydigital on the #fatherhoodspod, talking about… U guessed it – being a father in this industry of music. Head over to fatherhoodspod.com/episodes for the full scoop.

I share a bunch of my roller-coaster experiences as a DJ for over 25 years and of course, how I balances life as a touring DJ and father to his 4y/o daughter. You’ll learn about the multi-geographic upbringing I’ve exposed my daughter to and how that is shaping her world.

Hosted by @whoscrazy #KGB & @mannydigital
AUDIO: Full Episode Out Now on all major podcast platforms!
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMQCaM_QIQ4

💥New episodes every Tuesday – fatherhoodspod.com/episodes