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7/20 Wed Dinner And Mixtape Returns to Manila

July 20th 2016 Wednesday Dinner & A Mixtape Manila Part 2

Dinner & A Mixtape Manila ROUND 2
Wednesday July 20th
From 6 – 10 PM

At The Belle And Dragon
East Meets Pub
100 C. Palanca St., Legazpi Village, Makati

Music lovers and foodies, unite!
Please CALL FOR RSVP , call +63 906 451 6371

#HomonymLive #TheGreatGazpi

July 20th Wed - Dinner & A Mixtape Manila
*Choice of 2

Shrimp XO
Stuffed Taro Puffs Cabbage Cake
and Crispy Calamari

Manila Porchetta , Ginger, Garlic, Scallion, Kaffir, Lemongrass, Tamarind Stuffing, Ginger Jus Served with sides of Squash Polenta, Braised Mustard Greens, Java Rice, Salad

Chocolate Coconut Panna Cotta, Seasonal Berries and Vanilla Cream

Jameson & Gingerale

ONE Of DJ Neil Armstrong’s Mixtape USBs
*Choice of One

Warmfuzzy Part 2
ExtraOrdinary Part 2

OPTION to GET Complete DIGITAL DL of DJ Neil Armstrong’s Complete Mixtape Library.

Menu Price : P1,600

MIXTAPES ALSO AVAILABLE “A LA CARTE” Usually available for $20US dollars they will be available for a special #DinnerAndAMixtape Price – subject to availability.

A lot of stuff going on this night at Belle And Dragon. We have new chef from NYC, so we’re this is a brand new menu that will be available for One Night Only. Since the Last Dinner & A Mixtape Manila I’ve come out with 2 new Mixtape USB cassettes. More music to feed your soul.

Come thru, join us for some great vibes and great food. Leave with a full belly and some great music too.

After the dinner, we will head over to Narnia to continue the festivities…

July 20th 2016 Wednesday Dinner & A Mixtape Manila Part 2

Sneak Peak of the New Instagram Food Guide Book Leaving Dishes Vol 1

Here is a Sneak peak of the New Instagram Food Guide book by yours truly and Yuko Ogino Leaving Dishes Vol. 1 ?#?leaving dishes?.


From the Book intro:

My life as a DJ has been pretty amazing. I’ve been able to turn my passion into a career that has allowed me to play music for the masses all over the world.

This opportunity to travel the globe, see has also given me access to some really really really great food;) And yes – I am one of those people… an instagram #foodie – a person who posts up food all up on their social media.

You see, sale Food is a “universal language”, just like Music is. Let me explain.

Everyone can enjoy Music. Everyone. You could listen to an Italian opera and not speak a lick of Italian and still enjoy it… and I’ve met people on my travels to Asia that can’t speak a lick of English, but can recite all the words to Dwyck by Gangstarr. Music has the ability to connect us all despite our differences.

Food is also one of those things that breaks down barriers. I can break bread with a complete stranger, someone who doesn’t speak the same language as me… and if there is some good food on the table, we can both enjoy stuffing our faces until we get the itis. The Food allows us have an amazing shared experience.

So just like I’ve been sharing my love of music via my mixtapes, I’ve been sharing my love of food on instagram, and now I am now sharing my love of food here with you.

In your hands, you are holding Leaving Dishes :Volume 1 – a food guide, a collection of places I’ve eaten at, fueled by my travel experiences over the last 2 years.

The places listed here run the gamut – from the hole in the wall eateries to the fancy pants spots where you might have to split the bill on a couple of your credit cards.

Each entry in the book has been posted on my instagram @djneilarmstrong,. The entries are organized by city, with some basic info for you to start with – the name and address of the restaurant, and the name of the dish I got to enjoy.

Understand that I am a FAN of Food, NOT a critic. So this book is not a “Best of” List. I am not ranking the eateries listed here. This book is meant to be a resource – an easy way for you to find the many spots where I’ve had a good meal at around the world. Then, you can go and eat at these restaurants yourself, and create your own “amazing shared experience”.


Over the last three years I’ve become one of these #foodie instagram fanatics, documenting my

Over 140 pages of beautiful food that you should be looking for on your travels around the world, with restaurant information at the tips of your fingers.
Only 250 of them were made. Online Presale will be up shortly – Dec 5th 12 PM.




For more page examples please check out https://www.flickr.com/photos/djneilarmstrong/sets/72157649172666440

Our Release Party is going down in the Manila Philippines Dec 4th .

For ticket reservations, please e-mail info@theplushouse.com. #DinnerAndAMixtapeManila
@Greyonesocial @theplushouse @djneilArmstrong and Your Local

8/31 – Sun – #DinnerAndAMixtape comes to the Bay Area w Señor Sisig & Fully Laced


For my folk in #SF.

#DinnerAndAMixtape is FINALLY coming to the Bay area , viagra August 31st from 6-10 PM .

This time instead of a restaurant I am partnering up with one of the Bay Area’s Best Food trucks Senor Sisig For the first time they are creating a 3 course menu exclusively for the night, there and we are bringing the Listening Session for my new mixtape “Original5” outdoors to the SoMa StrEat Food Park . For my folk who act fast enough, shop San Francisco’s own Fully Laced is providing a gift pack for y’all early bird ticket buyers .

Fully Laced & Senor Sisig Present
Dinner And A Mixtape SF
August 31st from 6- 10 PM
At the Soma StrEat Food Park
428 11th St, San Francisco, California 94103

Providing food for the event will be Bay Area’s own Señor Sisig. Recently featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, one of the city’s best food trucks will be flexing their culinary skills, offering for the first time a 3 course Filipino inspired menu, alongside their classic favorite offerings.

1st course will be a green mango and heirloom tomato salad served with a balsamic reduction sauce.

First Course - Dinner And A Mixtape SF

2nd course is braised coconut adobo pork belly served with a bed of saffron rice and garnished with a slice of shrimp okoy (shrimp and sprout pancake)

2nd Course for Dinner And A Mixtape SF

3rd Salted Mango Ice Cream (Senor Sisig x Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous)

Dessert course for Dinner And A Mixtape sf

Early Bird Tickets available here –


With Early bird tickets you get guaranteed entry into the event, the 3 course meal, a copy of the new mixtape -USB ‘original5’ , the event exclusive #fullylaced Snapback, and a commemorative pint glass to bring home for $45 dollars. Check out all the goods in the picture below.


Senor Sisig’s amazing menu will be available as well , and for those who just want to have a drink and vibe out we have a beer and wine bar .

Early bird tickets ARE NOT necessary to attend – entrance into the event is FREE, but are recommended for y’all who love to grub as we only have a limited number of gift bags and 3 course menu’s available, First come first serve basis for those without early bird tickets.