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3/3 – Sat – Neil Armstrong @ adidas Rocks the Floor POLAND

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If any of y’all are out in Warsaw Poland this weekend – adidas Rocks the Floor is the place to be.

From the website –

adidas Originals Rocks the Floor is the second edition of one of the biggest hip-hop events in Poland. It is held in Soho Factory in Warsaw at 2nd and 3rd of March. According to the tradition, check many international guests are going to be hosted. Some of them are visiting Poland for the first time! The event is going to join together four fundamental elements of hip-hop culture and these are going to be MCing, B-boying, DJing and Graffiti. In each of the fields we will be able to see and admire the best artists from Poland as well as from all over the world.

The event’s aim is to create a space which enables everyone to know and experience creativity from the whole world, and also share experience between artists, and present hip-hop culture as a unique and instantly developing element of the modern culture, in which everyone, in every age, and from every place will be able to find something passion able .

adidas Originals Rocks the Floor is a proposition to everyone who wants to hear the voice of young people, to discover culture which shapes successive generations, breaks stereotypes about hip-hop and off course all that want to take part in creation of the unique event which lead Poland into a map of important hip-hop events on the international stage.



Soho factory is the unique place which connects charm of industrial interiors and great possibilities given by enormous spaces of factory halls. Indisputable attitude of the soho factory is its location which is only 15 minutes from the city centre.

I’ll be handling the afterparty duties on Saturday March 3rd, hope to see my polish party peoples there!