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A Visit to the Made Space in Berlin…

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Our last day in Berlin, and we saved the best for last.

Phil G from Soto invited us to this space after he was done blowin up a ton of balloons with highsnobiety’s Dave .


A space thats is called MADE.



I was unsure what to expect when me and Sky arrived… and even afterwards I’m still pretty dumbfounded.




Built from the ideas of some key creative minds in particular TADIROCK, this MADE was a space created for the sheer point of CREATING . Creating Art, Creating a message, Creating greatness.

Much like Andy Warhol’s Factory in NYC from the 60’s , this is a place that was built for artists from all around the world to come together and make dreams come true.

A better way to explain it, would be to let the People of Made do the talking –

MADE trailer from MADE Blog on Vimeo.

From their blog

an inspiring place where creative minds
from different fields come together.
a living platform where they create a vision
of something extraordinary and bring it to life.

This space has only been open for about 2 months, and Phil G and Nico Zeh gave us the grand tour .

The aesthetic and functionality of the space as described in the video above are amazing.
They actually modelled the foyer entrance after one of my fav movies of all timeStar Wars . A lot of white , boxlike modular walls…

BUT , what catches the eye 1st is the CRAZY CRAZY LIGHTING SYSTEM.




This lighting system is patented, the 1st of its kind. THey wanted to create a lighting system where you could control the mode thru color, a lighting system where a photographer could have 24 hour daylight and shoot with no shadows, and this system is what they came up with.

You can LITERALLY CHANGE EACH light to a different color, or change sections of it, or put them on a loop, all from ONE central control. simply Amazing.


Peep the video below as they let me mess around with the shine.

The space itself, is malleable. Like how Bruce Lee tells his student to “Be Like Water, so is this space.

The walls are movable, the furniture, even the bar can be moved around to suit your creative needs.



The 1st Art installation created and shown at this space was this snowglobe project by Sneaker connoisseur Yoske Nishiumi and photographer Alex Flach, who put their heads together to come up with this extraordinary vision.

Snowglobe Project by Alex Flach and Yoske Nishiumi @ MADE from MADE Blog on Vimeo.

A big part of this project, was that the viewer would end up becoming part of the art piece, and Myself and Sky Gellatly got to do just that.








The guys at MADE ended up interviewing myself and sky, picking our brains about the space, about possible ideas that I have that I would like to have come to frution.

Who knows, you guys might see an upcoming blog about the Extraordinary thing I plan to Make in Berlin….