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DJ’s Upgrade yo shells with Smokin Shells…

IMG_0410, viagra originally uploaded by djneilarmstrong.

Sometimes you just need to upgrade yo sh*t .

You know, discount buy a flossier car, viagra eat at a 5 star restaurant, get some silk drawers.

It’s pretty much instant gratification.

For you dj’s I bet y’all are still running with the Same headshells that came with the 1200’s. Here is a relatively cheap way to make up you’re equipment game without breakin the bank.

Courtesy of Dj Rasta Root out in the ATL, I got these very special Smoking Shells.

From the website –

Smokin Shells is a premium engineered mirron-shine dj headshell designed by Dj Rasta Root. Under his label, Smokin’ Needles, he decided to offer Smokin Shells to dj across the world. Set to be launched in a couple of months, Smokin Shells is going to revolutionize the dj gear world by giving djs a functional, stylized headshell.

I think I got an advanced look at em, and they are nice and shiny ;) . And since I got em, you get to peep them too.

If you’re interested , hit up Dj Rasta Root direct and check out the website for mo info.

Thank you for the product flo rasta… I’m about to install these bad boys as we speak…