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9/13 – DJ Neil Armstrong in Taipei Taiwan at LMNT for their 1 yr anniversary…

help on Flickr”>Liquid Lifestyle - LMNT 1st Year Anniv Flyer (Violet)

Since September 2012, check Taipei has fell in love with LMNT [Element] Drink & Eat. Located in the bustling XinYi District, find LMNT has became a household name for its premium, no pretense
environment with great service. This day & night duo provides food, drink, music, and entertainment that satisfies all ages.

Please come and join us on this special night as we celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary with very special guest DJ, Neil Armstrong.

LMNT (Element) 1 year anniversary
Sept 13th, Friday
From 10:30 to 3:30 AM
??????28?1F (????Neo19 ???), Taipei, Taiwan 110