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3/21 Sat – Back in the Bay for Warmfuzzy X So Much Soul @ Mercer SF

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The Best RnB and Soul night in San Francisco!
MARCH 20th @ Mercer SF

w/ this months special guests:

NEIL ARMSTRONG -Adidas/ Jay-z Former tour DJ (NYC)

.alongside resident DJs .

{ Triple Threat DJ’s }

{ playing soul inspired music and beyond….all night }

$5 before 11pm with RSVP

tons of free parking

birthdays welcome

bottle/table service available
RSVP at rsvp@mercer-sf.com

guestlist . general info
e. somuchsoul415@gmail.com

SO MUCH SOUL is a mix series produced and established in 2002 by world renowned DJ’s Vinroc & Shortkut of the Triple Threat DJ’s. A selected blend of soul inspired music ranging from hip hop, jazz, reggae and house. It has been a favorite mix around the world, bringing that “feel good” vibe and soundtrack to the masses.

hip hop . r&b . funk . house . reggae . trap . uk garage. future classics

How Style Wars helped me make Warmfuzzy and the All Out King mixtape series

After I did the Sweeet Series, clinic I had this bright idea to try to make 6 mixtapes in 6 months. I was going to call it the “All Out King” mixtape series. I did end up making the series, tadalafil but it took me about 7 years to finish.

lf you specialize in one thing,
you really can’t call yourself an all-out king. – min one from style wars


This quote from Min one became the whole idea for the new series. I was going to showcase my range of music knowledge by creating mixtapes of different genres. To be the music equivalent of a graffiti all out king.

And from this quote, Warmfuzzy, Filthy, Extraordinary, Oscillate Wildly, Music For When Nobody’s Looking and Original All Out king were Born. Each mixtape part of the same series BUT of very distinctive genres / subject matter. At that time it wasn’t that common place. You were not going to here De La Soul and the Cure on the same mixtape, unless it was in like a kitchy/campy sort of mash up way. The intent of these mixes was to keep the original integrity of the music and figure out how to connect everything.

First up in this was my valentine’s day mix warm fuzzy. We just gave it an official release via thefuture.fm

Shouts out to Haena Kang who did the artwork for the whole mixtape series.

If you like what you hear now, you can purchase a physical copy of the mix by clicking the “add to cart button” , the perfect gift for a music lover for Feb 14th and everyday.


You can also purchase the complete Sweeet 10 Year Anniversary Boxset by clicking here.