This is an oldie but goodie. After Frank Ocean dropped his Channel Orange album a little over 10 years ago, I made this remix for a mixtape I was working on Sweeet part 3 (at the time it was also the 10 year anniversary of my mixtape series sweeet… which would now make that mixtape 20 years old… good lord.

ANYWAYS – Im digressing as you tend to do when u old – The mix ended up on a Complex Mag/ Pidgeons & Planes  – Best Frank Ocean Remixes List – at #5. Who knows when complex is gonna get rid of the page so here’s an excerpt for prosperity.

5. DJ Neil Armstrong – “Thinkin Bout You (Sweeet Remix)” Dope blend from DJ Neil Armstrong, mashing up “Thinkin Bout You” with the Ghosttown DJs’ “My Boo.” Armstrong layers the lyrics and choruses from each song, creating a loose dialogue between the vocalists. We’re happy to eavesdrop on a conversation like this one, a blend that reminds us of the possibilities present when a truly thoughtful DJ gets his hands on material, opening up new dimensions between existing pieces of music. The possibilities are endless.

I ended up turning that remix into a “standalone” mp3 for you Frank Ocean fans and DJ’s who might want to throw it in your sets, and it’s been lost thru the various updates to my website.

Here it is again, for FREE – but if ya really love it feel free to drop me whatever amount of yen ya want. Click here to hit the bandcamp link.

AND BTW – the original mixtape Sweeet Part 3 is available for digital DL still, as well as the chapters in the mixtape series.