I used to listen to a lot of different music when I was a youngster… as a #hiphop fan and Dj there was a LOT of music I just couldn’t admit listening too without risk of massive ridicule…

How you gonna go from listening to boot camp click to Back street Boys???

Yes, I’ve been called softer then 2 ply toilet paper in my lifetime.

But I’m not the only one… SO I made a mixtape covering all those guilty pleasures that I BET MONEY you sing too… when Nobody’s Looking.

I made this mix about over 10 years ago now… and my man my mellow @DJDADDYDOG flexed his video DJ skills and created the Visual companion for “Music For When Nobody’s Looking”.

TOMORROW , July 14th at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST , we are officially premiering the whole shebang.

On facebook live (while it lasts) and Twitch at :


These videos don’t last long on the internet… so ya’ll need to STOP what you doing at that time… and come hang with us.

Don’t worry, it will be a judge free zone… sing that New Kids On the Block Song as loud as you want!