12/11 – Sat – Neil Armstrong’s First Official Solo Paris appearance…

find on Flickr”>Palais Maillot Saturday 12/11/10

Ah Pahh reee . My first introduction to the culture of paris was of course Pepe Le Pew, buy that l’amour crazed skunk that used to crack me up as a kid. Today he would be called chester the molester.

But thats neither here nor there. Although I’ve been to Paris many a time as a tourist and backing up Jay-z AND the old Jazz band I used to play in Russell Gunn & Ethnomusicology, ampoule I’ve never OFFICIALLY Had A gig in Paris… until Now ;)

Saturday – 12/11
DJ Neil Armstrong @
Palais Maillot (Paris, FR)
Palais Des Congres,
2 Place De La Porte Maillot
Doors open 11:30 PM

So my Parisians and all y’all in town. This is where ya need to be this Saturday!

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