Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-24

  • Special Black Friday Releases at the Amoeblog via @AddThis – November 26th at amoeba sf! #
  • Analysis: Attack is North Korean bid for attention – Yahoo! News #
  • Its pretty dang cold in LA right now too. #
  • RT @Delta: Your holiday travel tips are here! Check out our latest blog post w/ the tips you & your fellow (cont) #
  • Dang that was a long flight for ny to LA … Almost 7hrs. (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) ? w/ 75 others) #
  • hey @djchrismix your gonna kill me, check whats your friends name again out in Chicago??? ughh… I need a personal assistant. #
  • Party peoples on a budget – wanna get on the $5 guestlist 4 this fri @mightysf ??? – head over here – #
  • Christmas come early – The Denon DN-HC1000s… – for my dj nerds – via @hypebeast #
  • arghgghhg…. so hungry on this dang plane. #
  • Checking in from Firefox using @foursquarefox! (@ On A Plane Bitches!!!!) #
  • Los Angeles… here I come. just in time, I here its gonna be like 40 degrees nyc side… bbrrrrrr #
  • Sorry, Folks, We'd Rather Be Body-Scanned Than Blown Up In Mid-Air #
  • another possibility of me getting hacked – I'm signed into the tmobile hot spot at the airport. watch yourselves out there interent world! #
  • I think i pinpointed the hacking point. I signed into my ipod 4bejewelled 2 to connect to facebook. All of u bejewelled fans, DONT DO IT! #
  • hmmm… some stupid facebook chat spam bot seems to have infiltrated my system. #
  • i got the full pat down this morning… ever run through a cornfield naked backwards?? (@ John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) ?) #
  • So my rane mixer and protools set off the security at the airport. I'm getting the pat down. #
  • yo @OmarEdwards & @Bdubb_Baker , hit up @frankliew at qbiq store to check out some good gear, tell them I sent ya ;) kill it out there fam! #
  • Accomplish as much as possible today, for you could become les… More for Gemini #

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-23

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11/26 aka Black Friday- DJ NA’s last Yay Area Appearance @ MIGHTY SF

buy on Flickr”>ABE_FRONT

Ahhh Black Friday… A day when its ok to trample your neighbor for that 200 flat panel High definition TV at Target… Ain’t Capiltalism Grand???

Well My BAY AREA FOLK, make sure to save some energy AND money for dranky Dranks for MY LAST San Francisco Appearance for 2010 .

Distortion 2 Static / Get Live SD / Boogie Events Co Present

ALL BLACK EVERYTHING @ MIGHTY on Black Friday – November 26th 2010

119 Utah St. SF

Special Guest DJ Neil Armstrong alongside residents :



Free Giveaways All Nigth Long
Doors Open 9 PM . 21 & over with Valid ID
Birthdays & Bottle Service :

Come party with me one last time for 2010 Bay Area!


Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-22

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-21

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-20

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-16

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11/18 – Thurs -we celebrate the launch of the Journelle Lingerie Soho Store…

generic on Flickr”>Journelle_Invite for neil's blog

For you lucky INVITE ONLY Folk in NYC this thursday, cialis sale i will be providing the soundtrack for the opening of The Journelle Soho Store. Again, viagra invite only guys and girls…

From The website: The Concept –

Journelle is the premier lingerie store for the modern woman. With inspiration from the archaic French word journellement, which means “daily”, we’re passionate about helping women feel great from the inside out. We believe in wearing lingerie every day, presenting a tastefully-curated (rather than exhaustive) selection of lingerie, and providing customers with compassionate, expert assistance.

First Sanrio, now a lingerie Event??? Neil, you big fruitcake…

That’s ok, laugh it up. What you forget about cutesy, girly, frilly events, is that they tend to have a lot of beauutiful women who attend ;)

Emily aka emmulate, me, asa akira and kristina rose enjoying the hello kittyness.

That’s me, wifey, asa akira and Kristina Rose. I play chess, not checkers. More on Sanrio event to come…

Again, the journelle event is INVITE Only. Hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones to celebrate, surrounded by lingerie… ;)

Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-15

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-14

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-13

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-12

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-11

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San Fran love from , Fully Laced, No Rival, Adapt and Breezy Excursion

Dj Neil Armstrong interview for from OpenLineMedia on Vimeo.

One of the Last times I was out in the bay I linked up with the cats from and chopped it up about with Marc “Owl Boogie” Aure at Fully Laced fashion boutique in San Francisco to discuss what young dj’s need to do in order to succeed in the music industry.

As stupid as my expression is for the still that vimeo used to represent the video, buy viagra the interview is still pretty helpful I think for those who are aspiring for more… so don’t use my strange grill piece to judge the content of the video please ;)

Much props 1st off to Romedigs and Jerome Palencia for puttin the vid together for the site.

ALSO much props to Fully Laced, find No Rival, Adapt Clothing, and Breezy Excursion for the Gear Flow.

For my cali folk, especially the Yay Area supa Giant’s fans , these guys put out a lot of stuff to show how you put on for your city…



Breezy excursions

No Rival



Much love to Fully Laced for their dope shop at the top of a foggy hill in an area of SF I had never been to before ;)

They have my mixtapes for sale at the Spot, by the way ;)

If you are in the bay area, make sure to make this a must visit destination spot for the snap back hats, collectibles, and dope gear (and dope mixtapes!!!) …






Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-10

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11/11 -Thurs – Neil Armstrong X Aerial7 X Hello Kitty?? It’s about to get real cute up in here…

pilule on Flickr”>Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 3.18.09 PM

Not since I was in the 7th grade have I dealt directly with Hello Kitty. Actually, buy cialis thats not true, physician the girl I dated in college was korean and had a thing for Keroppi. But thats neither here nor there.

I’m going to be helping Sanrio celebrate their 50th Anniversary right here in sunny Santa monica LA for the inaugural party for their Small Gift Super Sanrio Experience.

The Small Gift Event goes on from November 12-21st – at the Barker Hangar, 3021 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405 Map

Check out the website for all the pertinent schedule details etc etc.

NOW, IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH, you will be rocking along with me on thursday, for the super special VIP/Press/Special Guests invite only event, which I’ll be providing tunes for during the night.

AGAIN, its Invite only, sorry all u crazy sanrio fans :(

Now, you may ask, how did I go from Jay-z, to Adidas, to Sanrio??? I’m asking myself that as we speak ;)

Actually, its thru my amazing Headphone sponsor AERIAL 7 , who are ABOUT to drop these gems on ya –

Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 3.36.35 PM

Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 3.36.40 PM

Widening the market baby… and making things cute while we’re at it.

Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-09

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-08

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-07

  • let me get that on a plane badge …. (@ Jack Duggan's Pub) #
  • I just unlocked the "Mile High" badge on @foursquare! #
  • YES, patient cialis got that 1st class upgrade, tadalafil makes the 22 hrs of travel feel like 10. Somebody pass me the gray poupon! Sf – on my way! #
  • RT @JohnGotty: 9 Former Players That Would Make the NBA More Entertaining | The Smoking Jacket #
  • I just took it up a notch, utilized the private shower rooms at delta sky club. I'll be so fresh n so clean for 1 yr anniversary of @somsf #
  • RT @vinroc: 2nite at SOM. I'm bringing the Special Sauce. @djneilarmstrong is droppin that Boats n Hoes on ur ass.. #
  • The 1st leg of my 22 hours to san fran to party with yall at som bar is done! See u soon yay area… (@ NYC) #
  • I just ousted Adland S. as the mayor of JFK Runway on @foursquare! #
  • wow, they got an elevator music version of New Order's Blue Monday playing on this flight. #
  • the travel gods read my twitter, 1st leg of my 22 hour travel trip is in first class baby. I'm runnin up and down the aisles praisin! #
  • RT @hypebeast Adidas – Kicks are back to the future…. #
  • yo @franboogie @vinroc @papalote415 – we almost good over here – flight number one – Frankfurt to NYC is a go. #
  • im comin home… or to SF anyway… SOM BAR TONITE! (@ Frankfurt Airport (FRA)) #
  • Your key planet Mercury pulls you all over the place today, ye… More for Gemini #
  • after 22 hours of travel, I run over to Som bar STRAIGHT from the airport to rock for y'all. #
  • ok so lets see. 1.5 hr train ride to frankfurt. 3 hr wait. 8 hr flight to NYC. 3 hr wait. 6 hr flight to san fran. total travel time 22 hrs #
  • Stuttgart is done, thank u @passion78 for bringing out to your hometown. I hope y'all had a blast! #

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-06

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-05

  • Alright my frankfurt family, ambulance we're about to start the night at Travolta, come thru Germany! Hip hop, and other music to groove to… #
  • TONITE – 11/4 – We back in Frankfurt @ Club Travolta… #
  • possibly the best thai food in all of europe??? i gotta say, its pretty good. try the duck… (@ Rama V) #
  • RT @hypebeast Eating in Dusseldorf… nummy num num… – this is the real deal german food eatin experience… #
  • running around with @chrishimself84 , @theballatician for @runffm interview and frankfurt food excursion. Curry wurst almost killed me… #
  • Yo international travellers Pick up a prepaid UMTS Stick for Internet to Save on Internet and phone calls (@ saturn in myzeil) #
  • I'm at Alte Oper (Opernplatz 1, Frankfurt am Main). #
  • dang, I been spelling – Stuttgart -all craz. Come out tonite anyway – Fri – 11/5 @ROMY’s Lange Strasse 7 Stuttgart-Mitte #
  • IT STARTS TONITE – We got a couple more spots in Germany – Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuu.. – My germans come thru!! #
  • You may not be able to say no to a good idea today, even if yo… More for Gemini #
  • RT @hypebeast Guten TAG y’all! We got a couple more spots in Germany – Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuu.. #

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dang, I been spelling “Stuttgart” all crazy… oh well. Come out tonite anyway…

DOPE! / 05.11. / 12INCH FRIDAYS / ROMY S. from 0711 on Vimeo.

online on Flickr”>Frankfurt Nov 4th

Yes yes y’all, viagra right after the in-store in Hamburg, sovaldi I jump on a plane to Stuttgart-Mitte to rock for y’all

12 Inch Fridays

featuring DJ Passion & Bow Tie and DJ Neil Armstrong
Friday Nov 5th / starting at 11pm

@ ROMY’s
Lange Strasse 7 Stuttgart-Mitte

My last gig before I head back to the western hemisphere baby… let’s do this…

Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-04

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-03

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Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-02

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11/6 – The Foundation 1 yr Anniversary @ Som BAR SF

discount on Flickr”>som bar the foundation

here on Flickr”>176537204

YES YES, pharm back stateside baby, back in time to CELEBRATE The SF GIANTS WORLD SERIES WIN, ANNNNNNNND


Special guest DJ’s

2925 16th St.
@ South Van Ness
San Francisco | Mission District
+SF Guardian Best Hip Hop Club 2010+
+SF Weekly Best New Club 2010+
21 + (musically mature) | 10pm – After Hours | Fashion Forward | $10 All Night size
hip hop | soul | reggae | dancehall | r&b | funk | classic breaks | soulful house size

resident djs.
Triple Threat
Beat Junkies | Triple Threat
Papalote Hi-Fi
hosted by.
master of ceremonies.
table service | birthdays | special events

Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-01

  • Hotel chillin (@ Orangerie Hotel Dusseldorf) #
  • I just became the mayor of Orangerie Hotel Dusseldorf on @foursquare! #
  • I'm at Saray (Worringer Straße 103, pills Düsseldorf). #
  • I need jwow or vinnie to come out on this german dance floor right now and battle. DJ mehdi playing that fist pumpin music #
  • With @djrafik @setiono and @laidbackluke at trhe german version of the jersey shore. #
  • I'm at 3001 (Franziusstraße 7, malady Düsseldorf) w/ 2 others. #
  • I got dragged to a holloween rave, dj mehdi, laidback luke and @djrafik on the wheels. (@ 3001) #
  • RT @HyunINC: I dressed up as @djneilarmstrong and got to meet Beyonce last night! cc @vashtie #
  • I'm at Düsseldorf Pempelfort (Düsseldorf). #
  • Kraftwerk popularized electronic music. Kraftwerk was sampled by Afrika Bambatta . So Dusselldorf and Hip hop are "LIKE THIS" dunny. #
  • FYI for all you music buffs – do you know how important Dusselldorf is to music? well Kraftwerk is from here. #
  • gotta to air my clothes out. they still smoke in the clubs out here in Germany. All my clothes are frickin wretched. #
  • Your restlessness is soothed by images of distant lands and th… More for Gemini #
  • They got the nicest burger kings over here in germany #
  • German bk baby…royal with cheese (@ Burger King Altstadt) #
  • hahhahah, they got this german version of soulja boys "turn my swag on". Floor almost collapsed… I think the dudes name is money boy… #

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