Twitter Wrapup – 2010-11-01

  • Hotel chillin (@ Orangerie Hotel Dusseldorf) #
  • I just became the mayor of Orangerie Hotel Dusseldorf on @foursquare! #
  • I'm at Saray (Worringer Straße 103, pills Düsseldorf). #
  • I need jwow or vinnie to come out on this german dance floor right now and battle. DJ mehdi playing that fist pumpin music #
  • With @djrafik @setiono and @laidbackluke at trhe german version of the jersey shore. #
  • I'm at 3001 (Franziusstraße 7, malady Düsseldorf) w/ 2 others. #
  • I got dragged to a holloween rave, dj mehdi, laidback luke and @djrafik on the wheels. (@ 3001) #
  • RT @HyunINC: I dressed up as @djneilarmstrong and got to meet Beyonce last night! cc @vashtie #
  • I'm at Düsseldorf Pempelfort (Düsseldorf). #
  • Kraftwerk popularized electronic music. Kraftwerk was sampled by Afrika Bambatta . So Dusselldorf and Hip hop are "LIKE THIS" dunny. #
  • FYI for all you music buffs – do you know how important Dusselldorf is to music? well Kraftwerk is from here. #
  • gotta to air my clothes out. they still smoke in the clubs out here in Germany. All my clothes are frickin wretched. #
  • Your restlessness is soothed by images of distant lands and th… More for Gemini #
  • They got the nicest burger kings over here in germany #
  • German bk baby…royal with cheese (@ Burger King Altstadt) #
  • hahhahah, they got this german version of soulja boys "turn my swag on". Floor almost collapsed… I think the dudes name is money boy… #

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