I had to take a week off from my interwebs presence. The mind was willing but my messed up spine said slow your roll.

But I’m back baby (unlike my actual back which is being held together by duct tape) .

This Friday July 31st – A few of ya’ll told me that you missed the visual mixtape premier broadcast of Music for when nobody’s looking a few weeks ago (by @djdaddydog) , especially my folks in Europe and the parents who gotta kid things to handle.

So I’m doing this next one at noon PST time, 3PM EST.

I’ll catch my peoples in Europe right before they konk out, hit the east coasters at that 3 pm break, hook up with the west coasters for lunch, and have breakfast with my folks in Hawaii. My late owls in Asia can join in on the fun too.

After the encore performance, I think I’m gonna spin some records that didn’t make the cut the last time around… Aka the songs that will be on Music For When Nobody’s Looking Part 2.

July 31st


12 noon PST /3 PM EST