Aloha Kauai…. Surfing, Kayaking, Ziplining, and lake jumping with wifey…

This last time around in Hawaii was different because I headed out to one of the other islands Kauai, buy viagra courtesy of one of my island friends Jon Mac –

and on Flickr”>IMG_1422

Kauai, is beautiful X 10 .


A much more chilled out version of where most people go aka Honolulu Hawaii.

With the beautiful Beaches, Sunsets and Lazy laidback atmosphere…

beach side chillin



I however, do not like to spend all my time doing nothing laying on the beach, so this was adventure time city with my partner in crime Emily.


From Surfing, Ziplining and cliff jumpin, we did it all :)

One thing I’ve learned throughout my travels, is that its always SO much funner when you have someone special to share the experience with…

always more fun when you have someone to share it with...

It was a great time… but we haven’t even got to the FOOD yet. Next blog is for your stomachs and mines.

Without a doubt, you need to add Kauai to your list of travel todos…

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