G-Bo The Pro … I’m a Celebrate with you like its Cinco De Mayo…

G-Bo the Pro

case on Flickr”>g-bo the pro

That’s him and myself in the pic above.Does the name ring a bell for you??

Well if you are a fan of my mixtapes it should.

Although I get a LOT of props for what I do, treatment I am nowhere near the innovator (although I do put my own twitst on an old favorite if I do say so myself ;))

I got a lot of my blending style from listening to Mixtapes that were ON ACTUAL CASSETTES – Ones in particular made by the Duo of G-Bo the Pro and Rei Double R.

i was influenced SO much by them , I actually gave them a shoutout on one of my earliest Mixtapes – Sweeet .

Sweeet . The 1st of Neil’s Lovey Dovey Mixtapes that have set a standard for good music to cupcake too.

Click above for more info ;) Feel FREEEE to leave a comment or two as well please;)

Now, if you are not familiar with my man G-BO, here is an interview that was put together by my Toronto Family The Grand Groove Dj’s A little while back…

About two years ago now, I got the opportunity to Befriend my never before met mentor and his Mixtape partner in crime Rei Double R.

g-bo the pro

Around that same time, he started a party called , held at .

on May 5th, NYC, ya’ll will get a chance to witness the very first time – I’m going to be DJing with G-Bo the Pro, ALONGSIDE Fellow Super DJ’s TONY TOUCH, REI DOUBLE R, Victor Vargas, and DJ Dres, to Celebrate Properly, 2 YEARS of partying it up uptown style!

May 5th Weds - WayBack Whensday

For those that don’t know, this one is a big Deal, and this one is ON CINCO DE MAYO.

WayBack Whensday
2nd Anniversary

DJ Tony Touch
DJ Neil Armstrong
DJ Victor Vargas
DJ Rei Double R
DJ Dres

(They all latino of course, and I’m thrown in cause my real last name is Rodriguez ;) )

Doors Open
At 7PM EVERY ‘Whensday’ Camaradas (2241 1st Avenue on E 115th st)
Camaradas 2241 First Ave.
El bario NYC

Hit me @ djneilarmstrong@gmail.com SUBJECT : CAMARADAS for guestlist BEFORE 11 pm!

Please come and join us as we celebrate the 2 year anniversary of WayBack Wednesdays, Cinco De Mayo, and the 1st OFFICIAL THrowdown of DJ Neil Armstrong & G-BO THE PRO.

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