Gothenburg Greenery with DJ Dainja and Confuze…

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Above are the homies DJ Dainja and Confuze. Dainja is the drunk looking one ;)

Long before the Jay-z thing and the Adidas representation these guys had me rock with them, pharm way back in maybe 2005 I’d like to say.


So it was nice to to be brought back to one of my favorite spots in the world to rock.
Goteburg , or “Gothenburg” for us Americans is a fine place for party people. They like good music and like to dance, what more can you ask for…

This party was called Colors and was held at this spot called Nefertiti




By 10 O’clock, the spot was already packed and the line was outside and around the corner.

So this party was elected Club of the Year last year, and the whole “theme” of this jam is “colors”, this time around being “Green”.






Wish y’all could have been there wit me ;) By the time we were done, the sun was up once again… and I had to jump on a plane to SOUTH AFRICA….


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