I lost my stupid fake tooth on Kingda Ka. Dang RollerCoaster.

I’ve been MIA from bloggin lately. Trying to just Rellllaaaxxxx…

After the last world wind tour I needed to just chillll. Back on the east coast for a quick moment, cure Emily and I took a day off to hit up Great Adventure in Dirty Jersey, malady Her first time there… my umpteenmillionth time.

To my sadness and to many of my tri-state area rollercoaster fans I arrived to find out that the Great American Scream Machine is now closed forever :( So many good memories, cialis you will be missed.


Turns out Emily wasn’t that much of a Rollercoaster person… So I of course dragged her on the biggest fastest most insane one in the park Kingda Ka… cause you know, Im a jerk.


If you’ve never been on it… well its pretty hectic – peep the video for a fraction of the experience.

So I’m up there ,giggling on the ride…. after all the bungy jumping, Sky Diving and hang gliding, I’m pretty unfazed by rollercoasters.

I was about to say something smart aleck to Emily, when MY TOOTH FLEW OUT MY MOUTH from all the speed .

I have a fake tooth. and it fell out :( I saw it float away cause it flew out at the very top of the ride . Thats what I get for being a smart ass….


I think it was the blog gods punishing me for not keeping up with my online sharing. So I’m back. I’ll be recapping the last run of hits – Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Greece and South Africa starting on monday ;)

Before that though…. Im gonna have a funnel cake.


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