New Facebook DJ Neil Armstrong “FAN PAGE” – like it like like it!

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I’ve been busy at work… locked myself away for a bit because I’m trying to finish up the next mixtape.

BUT alas, ed I must take a quick break to tell y’all that I have finally made a DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG FAN FACEBOOK PAGE .

Why praytell?

Well, healing for one thing, I ran out of friend space quite a while ago, the 2nd time this has happened. First time around, I got kicked off of facebook.

Secondly, we’re doing a couple of giveaway contests soon, and I thought this would be the perfect time to use them to promote the new fan page.

Previously I’ve been just too dang lazy to set a new thing up… y’all know I’m already a blog, twitter and foursquare monster. But, now seems like the perfect time to join the rest of savvy interweb folk and put this page up.

We’ll be tying the contest to the new facebook fan page . What is the new contest?? Well, it has to do with This small “music festival” I’m going to be at this weekend…

Details to come, but in the meantime, won’t you like my facebook page? Come on now, even Kip Drordy got fans!

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