NYC- Feb 4th – We recreate the Imperial March!

Adidas X the Imperial StormTroopers X Neil Armstrong X ????, ambulance originally uploaded by djneilarmstrong.

Star Wars super geeks and Adidas Fans GO CRAZY.

NYC, cialis the Imperial army is coming…

Join Adidas Originals and Star Wars for a reenactment of the Imperial March, led by Darth Vader, a bunch of stormtroopers and A SECRET CELLLLEEEB.

The special guest is ONE of those CATS that in that video with me . You know – the one with the Death Star blowing up behind me while I spin.

Be the first to get your hands on the new Skywalker Shoe while your’s truly Spins.

Check it out at the Soho Adidas Originals Store at 136 Wooster in NYC.

11 AM on Feb 4th Thursday.

March Begins @ 10:45 AM at Broadway and Houston…

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  1. bawls
    bawls says:

    the imperial march remix needs to go on itunes or be put up for download because everyone that has viewed the commercial wants that song including me!

    • djneilarmstrong
      djneilarmstrong says:

      hey bawls,

      although I would love to take credit for that star wars music in the Advertisement, I can’t – I didn’t make it . Someone over at made it, the agency that put together the video for adidas.

      This time around I was just a face for adidas alongside beckham snoop daft punk and calle 13. We didn’t do anything creative for them…


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