Pepsi X Republic Track Bike courtesy of Epiphany … someone get me some skinny jeans.

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I’m out here in Berlin of course chillin and catching the sites before the Rock the Block Party for No. 74 and the SOTO X Highsnobiety afterparty at weekend .

Fellow Hypebeast blogger ARTOO has been making sure Sky Gellatly and myself don’t get lost out here.

Among his many interests that make him interesting is his love for berlin, and his love for track bikes and the riding culture.

The pic above is a pic of ARTOO in the red and black lumberjack – with a hat to match. Below is one of his many rides.

He got me thinking that especially since I have a running injury, this summer I should take up biking.

As usual, the universe provides when its supposed to be, this time manifested with a Special EDITION PEPSI X REPUBLIC bike – COURTESY of the fine FOLK at Team Epiphany.

They put together a little campaign , making about 20 bikes for pepsi using the fine Republic Bike company, and I was one of the fortunate few blessed with one of these.

Built around the “Aristotle”, this is a singlepeed & a fixed gear, with one of those fancy shmancy flip flop hubs, complete with pepsi branding and color schemes.

Pepsi Bike

Pepsi Bike

Pepsi Bike

Pepsi Bike

Pepsi Bike

Pepsi Bike

Pepsi Bike

Now before you elitest fixed gear folk get your pink scarves all in a bunch, I KNOW, I got to get the reflectors off. ;) Just playing. I love hipsters…. Not really ;)

Team Epiphany, thank y’all for the bike. If you see me on the road, clear the way, cause I probably won’t be able to stop, I never rode a fixy before.

You see, I usually just Hop on my 98 dirtbike… A poser I am not ;)

Happy biking out there boys and girls, see you on the rode this summer…

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