Bittersweeet Digital DL

Bittersweeet Digital DL

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Bittersweeet Digital DL
Bittersweeet Digital DL
Bittersweeet Digital DL
Bittersweeet Digital DL
Bittersweeet Digital DL
Bittersweeet Digital DL

Bittersweeet Digital DL

Bittersweeet. For many, the CD that set me apart. The 2nd installment of the Sweeet Series this cd was originally made in 2003 and was very different then other mixtapes from that time period.

AVAILABLE NOW AS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – $6.50, immediate secure download. Complete Mix in Mp3 Format, tracked out and sent as a Zip File.

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Listen to the radio. Everyone has a song out about it. From P Diddy to Slum Village, even the P.I.M.P. 50 cent and Snoop D O double G. Its not just pansy asses getting bucked by cupid. Nobodys safe.

So this is the tape about Love - the complete soundtrack to a relationship if you will. From beginning to end. All things pretty, all the things that are ugly, and everything in between. Bitter and Sweeet.

Theres a section here for your ever-changing experiences. If you want to reminisce about the 1st time you layer eyes on that girl or guy, go to part one. You want something to put you in the mood to do the hip pity dip pity, try part three. So on and so forth.

So, to the very first girl that caught my eye, to the ones that shattered my soul, to those girls that never gave me the time of day, to the ones I should have treated better, and to the woman who at this moment in time is taking care of my heart - thank you for giving me my inspiration.

Get Up, try again... until you get it right. And try to get some booty along the way.

1. Stevie Wonder – ‘My Cherie Amore’
2. Greg Abbot – ‘Shake You Down’
3. Dennis Edwards – ‘Don’t Look Any Further’
4. Sade – ‘Kiss Of Life’
5. Janet, Ms. Jackson if your nasty – ‘Let’s Wait Awhile’
6. Debra Laws – ‘Very Special’
7. Michael Jackson – ‘Lady In My Life’
8. Bobby Brown – ‘Tenderoni’
9. Earth Wind & Fire – ‘Love’s Holiday’
10. Rufus & Chaka Khan – ‘Sweet Thing’
11. En Vogue – ‘Don’t Go’
12. Marvin Gaye – ‘Let’s Get It On’
13. Teddy Pendergrass – ‘Close The Door’
14. Sade – ‘Sweetest Taboo’
15. Teena Marie – ‘Ooh La La La’
16. El DeBarge – ‘I Like It’
17. Marvin Gaye – ‘Sexual Healing’
18. Slum Village – ‘Tainted’
19. Stevie Wonder – ‘Golden Lady’
20. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Electric Relaxation’
21. Isley Brothers – ‘For The Love Of You’
22. Stevie Wonder – ‘All I Do’
23. Raze – ‘Break For Love’
24. Marvin Gaye – ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’
25. Donny Hathaway/Roberta Flack – ‘Where Is The Love’
26. Earth Wind & Fire – ‘After The Love Is Gone’
27. Stevie Wonder – ‘Lately’
28. El DeBarge – ‘A Dream’
29. Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam – ‘All Cried Out’
30. Lauryn Hill – ‘Ex Factor’
31. Wayne Wonder – ‘Saddest Day In My Life’
32. Aretha Franklin – ‘One Step Ahead’
33. Dianna Ross – ‘Missing You’
34. Hall & Oates – ‘She’s Gone’
35. Michael Jackson – ‘She’s Out Of My Life’
36. Mary J. Blige – ‘I Love You’
37. Frankie Beverly and Maze – ‘Before I Let Go’
38. The Whispers – ‘The Beat Goes On’
39. The Whispers – ‘RockSteady’

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