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CD ExtraOrdinary
CD ExtraOrdinary
CD ExtraOrdinary
CD ExtraOrdinary
CD ExtraOrdinary
CD ExtraOrdinary
CD ExtraOrdinary
CD ExtraOrdinary

CD ExtraOrdinary

For my old school cats and "digital sound purists" (j/k!) who need this format for their cars and their old macbook pros. These are the VERY LAST BATCH of CD's in existence. A batch of deadstock that I found while preparing my crib for the temporary move to Japan. Once they gone folks... they gone forever.

This Cd is the 2nd Installment of the AOK mixtape Series. A "Rock" mixtape, with no mashups. Stream it in its entirety for FREE below. Try before you buy...

Included in purchase is a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, available immediately. Complete Mix in Mp3 Format, tracked out and sent as a Zip File.

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From the Liner Notes :

"Music, true music... it chooses you." - Lester Bangs from almost famous

Why Pray tell, are songs like these on a Neil Armstrong cd?

My homey Brent aka empanadamn once said to me - "You make cds for people that love hip hop... but hate hip hop". There's a lot of different types of music here - new wave, rock, indy, funk - I like to think that they all fall under the category of extraordinary.

On this cd I put songs I heard in movies & on tv, or ones that blastest over the speakers at my doctor's office or the local Walgreen's. Some I heard on some obscure radio station that I just happened to turn to while driing my pimp 1990 Toyota Camry, some come from my sister's record collection that I would sneak into when I was a youngin, and some are songs that my girl Helen likes to hear.

You see, just like the hip hop, soul and whatever else you heard on the other cds I did before, the songs on this one found me, and I put them together so that they could find you.

Once again, plese open up the minds. If you like what you hear, support the artists and their music that appears on this promo cd. AOK part 2

1. The Zombies, The Association, The Animals – ‘6&7 ExtraIntro’
2. Lovin’ Spoonful – ‘Summer In The City’
3. KC And The Sunshine Band – ‘Get Lifted’
4. Laura Branigan – ‘Self Control’
5. Rolling Stones – ‘Emotional Rescue’
6. Rod Stewart – ‘Do You Think I’m Sexy’
7. Cameo – ‘Candy’
8. Jackson 5ive – ‘Dancing Machine’
9. Zapp & Roger – ‘I Can Make U Dance’
10. Ohio Players – ‘Love Rollercoaster’
11. Steppenwolf – ‘Magic Carpet Ride’
12. Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘The Zephyr Song’
13. Interpol – ‘Obstacle 1’
14. Eric Clapton – ‘Layla’
15. The Cure – ‘Hot Hot Hot’
16. The Doors – ‘Hello, I Love You’
17. Stone Roses – ‘Fools Gold’
18. David Bowie – ‘Changes’
19. Joe Jackson – ‘Is She Really Going Out With Him?’
20. The Foundations – ‘Baby, Now That I Found You’
21. Blink 182 – ‘I Miss You’
22. The Animals – ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’
23. Weezer – ‘O Girlfriend’
24. The Association – ‘Cherish’
25. The Zombies – ‘Time of the Season’
26. James Taylor and Chef from South Park – ‘Your Smiling Face/Prostitutes’
27. Candy Flip – ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’
28. The Cure – ‘Lovecats’
29. The Guess Who – ‘These Eyes’
30. The Doors – ‘Break On Through’
31. The Smiths – How Soon Is Now’
32. Queen – ‘Dragon Attack’
33. Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Can’t Stop’
34. The Clash – ‘Radio Clash’
35. Nirvana – ‘Lithium’
36. The Pixies – ‘Here Comes Your Man’
37. The Doors – ‘Light My Fire’
38. The Psychedelic Furs – ‘Love My Way’
39. Roxy Music – ‘Love Is The Drug’
40. Partridge Family – ‘I Woke Up In Love’
41. 10,000 Maniacs – ‘Like The Weather’
42. The Cure – ‘In Between Days’
43. Alphaville – ‘Forever Young’
44. Mott The Hopple – ‘All The Yound Dudes’
45. David Bowie – ‘Ziggy Stardust’
46. Jimi Hendrix – ‘Are You Experienced’
47. Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Today’
48. AeroSmith – ‘Dream On’
49. Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Under The Bridge’

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