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CD Filthy
CD Filthy
CD Filthy
CD Filthy
CD Filthy
CD Filthy
CD Filthy
CD Filthy
CD Filthy
CD Filthy
CD Filthy
CD Filthy

CD Filthy

For my old school cats and "digital sound purists" (j/k!) who need this format for their cars and their old macbook pros. These are the VERY LAST BATCH of CD's in existence.A batch of deadstock that I found while preparing my crib for the temporary move to Japan. Once they gone folks... they gone forever.

The 3rd installment in the AOK (All Out King) Mixtape series. The 1st was lovey dovey, the 2nd was a Rock mixtape, Now this one is Hip Hop in all its Filthy glory. 60 minutes, unadulterated . Music for when you are planning a Drive By.

With purchase you will also receive a free DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, available immediately. Complete Mix in Mp3 Format, tracked out and sent as a Zip File.

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From the Liner Notes:

This is the Hip Hop I love...

songs that are filthy, filled with aggression, bravado & unpretty subject matter. These songs are about being tested, and showing that ugly side...
Make no mistake, no matter what you hear on the AOK cds, I am still a Hip Hop DJ, a member of the 5P. That's where my roots lie & skills come from. And my crewmates, they didn't win all those battles by holding each others hands and taking windy walks in the park. We took those aspects of negativity, and channeled them into stylish behind kicking. And when we got beat, we still got up and kept it movin.

There will be many negative experiences in your life, but how you react to them is what seperates the winners & the losers. I get tested on the regular, because of my appearance and good nature. People mistake kindness for weakness. I used to DJ in BK, and the uninitiated would only see this "chinese" guy (even though I'm about as chinese as a domincan dude is puerto rican) behind the tables. "What's this cat know about music??"... How I love to suprise and open eyes...
Great art comes from pain & struggle, and these songs take the ugliness of the world, and make something beautiful out of it. This is for those who continue making things lovely, to NYC, and to you real HIP Hop fans. Even when I'm on a remote island in the middle of the pacific, I will always rep, I will always be filthy.

1. Trends of Culture – ‘Who Got My Back’
2. Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jada, Masta Ace, Nas, Indelible MC’s – ‘New York Love’
3. Company Flow – ‘Vital Nerve’
4. The Roots – ‘Clones’
5. Heltah Skeltah – ‘Let Tha Brainz Blo’
6. Xzibit – ‘3 Card Molly’ (feat. Ras Kass / Saafir)
7. Xzibit – ‘What U See Is What U Get’
8. Dr. Dre – ‘Still Dre’
9. Wu-Tang Clan – ‘Can It Be All So Simple’
10. The Alchemist – ‘Hold You Down’
11. Slum Village – ‘Players’
12. Little Brother – ‘Lovin’ It’
13. Jay-Z – ‘A Million And One Questions’
14. Pace Won – ‘I Declare War’
15. Saafir/Casual – ‘That Bullshit’
16. Casual – ‘That’s How It Is’
17. BDP – ‘South Bronx’
18. Camp Lo – ‘Black Nostaljack’
19. Fearless Four – ‘Rockin’ It’
20. Eric B. & Rakim – ‘My Melody’
21. Nas – ‘Memory Lane’
22. Mobb Deep – ‘Shook Ones Part II’
23. Wu-Tang Clan – ‘Tearz’
24. Organized Konfusion – ‘Maintain’
25. Tribeca/Pharoahe Monch – ‘The Life’
26. The Goodie Mobb – ‘Cell Therapy’
27. Smif-N-Wessun – ‘Buckdown’
28. Ice Cube – ‘Jackin For Beats’
29. 50 Cent – ‘How To Rob’
30. Dead Prez – ‘It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop’
31. Game – ‘Dreams’
32. Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley – ‘Welcome To Jamrock’
33. Sizzla/BoneCrusher/DJ Obsession – ‘Solid As A Rock’ ‘Never Scared’
34. Nas – ‘You’re The Man’
35. Diamond D – ‘I Went For Mine’
36. Black Sheep – ‘Flavor Of The Month’
37. Talib Kweli – ‘Get By’

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