Swimming with Turtles on the north shore of hawaii…

Greetings from Switzerland… the land of chocolates! … wait. Thats Germany. I’m going there in a few , pharm heading to frankfurt.

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Above is HELLO! In Swiss. Hi Everybody!
ZURICH is beautiful right now, unhealthy


Complete with white swans swimmin in the same lake as the peoples –


My mind though is still 2 oceans away in Hawaii, where I got to chill out with its wildlife up colse and personal when Emily and I swam with some Turtles.


It was pretty trippy. I said to emily – Hey, take a pick of me standing on this rock… I think its a rock. BUT THEN. It moved.



Turns out there was a whole school of turtles just chillin on the north shore with us. One of them kept following emily. She calls him joey.

With Our Trusty CANON S90 we caught the whole thing… Peep it below…

Music courtesy of DJ Vinroc prestige worldwide!

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