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Neil Armstrong X gizmodo X huffingtonpost tech section

Do y’all know that in a previous life, health one of the jobs I held was “director of operations” for one of those pesky year 2000 internet startups. I got laid off, order decided to not go back to work and devoted my energy to DJing. The world acts in mysterious ways ;)

Regardless, I’m still a geek and gadget nerd for life, so getting any type of mention on gizmodo or any respectable technology site would fall under those things that would be reallllly cool.

Through a bit of luck, a picture taken by fellow tweeter @everydaydude of yours truly chillin in front of reed space nyc , ended up being used by a bunch of tech blogs to tell the world about Twitter’s new image gallery feature.


Screen shot 2011-08-22 at 8.56.05 PM

Although i would have loved to been in one of these sites blog posts because I was the next uber young internet gozillionaire, this is pretty dang cool too ;)