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The Heineken #Dropped Essential for the Heineken Voyage via Hypebeast.com

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For Heineken’s #DROPPED campaign, yours truly ended up picking something special for the special winner of the Heineken Voyage campaign.

Click the link, or see the video below…

Heineken is putting one of y’all on a voyage , and Hypebeast has your essentials for the trip #DROPPED

Hypebeast #DROPPED Essentials
Boys and girls – I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in helping launch the Heineken Voyage . What is that exactly??

From the Website

Heineken Voyage, the fifth chapter of Heineken’s global Legends campaign. Heineken will search the globe for four men who embody the “Legendary Traveler” and send them on voyages around the world to challenge them to travel outside their comfort zone. One of these travelers will be from the US.

A true “Man of the World” is never a tourist, but rather knows how to travel with finesse. This concept of voyaging with purpose – being able to be “Dropped” anywhere in the world and incept a legendary journey – is at the core of Heineken‘s latest global adventure program. Packing heavy isn’t the look. Instead, discerning globetrotters bring a select set of objects with them on their trips, guaranteed to enhance their memories no matter where they end up. Stories are woven not just by being in the right place at the right time, but also through open–minded preparedness. For Heineken’s #DROPPED program, the international brand’s panel of experts got together over dinner in New York City to pick out their travel essentials, all of which are to be chronicled in more detail in upcoming vignettes exclusive to Hypebeast. Over the next six days one vignette featuring each expert will drop each day including Jon Buscemi, Dao-Yi Chow, Richard Martin, DJ Neil Armstrong, Marcus Troy and Jonathon Mannion. They will talk about travel, offer travel tips as well as chose travel essentials including everything from a large format film camera and audio recorder for chronicling adventures to a cheeky bathing suit, tuxedo and waterproof driving moccasins to ensure ultimate accessorizing, regardless of what continent it’s taking place on.

The Heineken Dropped campaign is a global initiative to launch the Heineken Voyage.

Follow Heineken’s legendary traveler’s #DROPPED voyage here.

Hypebeast & adidas: adiCup 2010 NYC Contest | Hypebeast

Hypebeast & adidas: adiCup 2010 NYC Contest | Hypebeast.

hypebeast adidas adicup 2010 nyc contest Hypebeast & adidas: adiCup 2010 NYC Contest

The 2010 adiCup prepares to kick off on May 22nd in New York City. This year’s competition will feature a slew of competing teams, viagra each playing a tournament in their hometown. Participating cities include New York, buy cialis London, Tokyo, Berlin, and Herzogenaurach. In celebration of this year’s Adicup, we’re teaming up with adidas to give away one lucky USA adiCup pack. The pack will feature collaboration product from UNDFTD and Arkitip, including a jersey, sneakers, and a bag, seen here. Exact locations and dates can be found via the official adiCup Website with further information on the contest seen below.

Enter the Hypebeast & adidas: adiCup 2010 NYC Contest now!

The adiCup 2010 is set to kick off this month. Ourselves, along with adidas, are offering you the chance to win a regional prize pack created exclusively for the host city. With a total of five different cities hosting their respective adiCup tournaments, five separate prize packs will include New York City, Tokyo, London, Berlin and Herzogenaurach (who will host the finals).

To enter, log into your Facebook account and head over to our Hypebeast adiCup page. From there, you can submit your prediction for each respective adiCup tournament. Only one submission is permitted per city and per entrant, however you may enter a total of five times over the course of each separate adiCup tournament. Choose wisely as your predication cannot be changed or altered once it has been submitted. If you correctly predict the tournament winner, you will be entered in a draw for that city’s adiCup Pack.

Rules and Regulations

* You must be a registered member of Facebook to enter.
* This contest is open to participants from across the world.
* Only one entry is permitted per city.
* You may enter once for each adiCup tournament New York City, Tokyo, London, Berlin and Herzogenaurach.
* Once an entry has been placed, you cannot change your choice.
* All decisions by Hypebeast and adidas are final and we maintain the right to decide all matters and disputes arising from the contest.
* Hypebeast will announce the winner following the completion of each adiCup tournament.
* adidas will handle the distribution of prizes and the communication amongst winners.