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adidas “your story” – happy socks jawns by Viktor Tell…

site on Flickr”>@viktortell & @djneilarmstrong

Above is a picture of Viktor Tell , malady creator of Happy Socks, taken by adidas’ own Måns Ericson back in Berlin during bread and butter.

adidas originals and Happy Socks collaborated for the Your Story / Consortium Series for the 2012 Olympics .







From Freshnessmag.com

The Olympics-inspired element of Viktor’s design for the Matchplay comes from Olympic air pistol shooting, of particular interest to the Swede as it was a fellow countryman who medaled in the sport at the age of 58. In terms of styling, Viktor concentrated on the laces and interiors, adorning them with bright colors and dots (representing bullet holes from the air pistol), as well as a tongue tag printed with his likeness (“a great ego boost”). Hear the rest of Viktor’s engaging story in the video below.