The adidas x STPL x DJNA track jacket – want to win one?

The guys at adidas hooked this one up lovely. BUT, ed in very limited quantity.

The 10 Year Anniversary of “Original” track jacket by adidas and yours truly, DJ Neil Armstrong. These track jackets were designed by Staple Design, and unfortunately, these WILL NOT BE FOR SALE . Only 50 of them were made.








I’ve been giving these out to the friends and fam. DJ Daddy Dog ,
DJ Total Eclipse,G-bo the Pro,DJ Spinna , and Questlove all got one from rockin with me at my Anniversary party.

Now, you have a chance to get one of these limited edition pieces yourself. Pre-Order the new 10 Year Anniversary Original Boxset, and you automatically get entered to win 1 of 50 firebird adidas track jackets. To order – click the link or hit the buy now button below…

Original Boxset Pre-Order

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      • Arthur Yamamoto
        Arthur Yamamoto says:

        Damn….a dude starts working out, gets brolic, and all of a sudden there’s no love for the 2XL crowd huh?? =P

        I know you a one man show, will be patiently waiting for my copy like the rest of the fans. Excited to hear the newest mix, and the evolution. Congrats on 10 yrs and the hope you move a ton of units!! You stay grinding homie~!


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