Twitter Wrapup – 2010-07-13

  • RT @GetliveRO: Fri, medicine July 30th Your boy is back! @djneilarmstrong in SF Mark ur calendars! more info to come pls RT #
  • Los angeles… Why is it so cold over here. #
  • NATHALIEramirez I wonder if the people u are talking about in ur tweet follow u and know ur talkin bout them… What do ya think? #
  • Mr Hudson Poised to Become ‘Bigger Than Kanye’ (With Some Help From Betty White) – GetBack 2 @mrhudson #
  • how-much-money-do-you-need-to-be-satisfied: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance #
  • Tired&sleepy, prostate pops drives me 2 the airport. Thanks pop, 4 all u do & 4 putting up w/ the cheap ties n old spice u always got 4 fathers day #
  • A small heartfelt gesture may seem like an insignificant move … More for Gemini #
  • tired. another trip to the airport in 3 hours. #
  • RT @hypebeast Meeting Ma Dukes – J Dilla’s Mother @ FatBeats NYC…. #
  • NY woman questioned again and again over ID mix-up – Yahoo! News #
  • Goldyn Chyld 2 is here! (Video/Download) support my boy @rhettmatic #
  • RT @deemehlow: I prefer calling it blind luck. RT @AngieDutchess: Your whooooole career is an accident.#ISITYOU <- people say that about me #
  • Checking out "DJ Green Lantern & Jay-Z – ‘Creative Control’ (Mixtape Artwork &" on #
  • My funny uncle said – neil I need ur address in ny, so that I have another place to hide from my wife. Again,they been married for 50 yrs. #
  • I got a funny uncle n auntie – she said , I'm not gonna die 1st… He said. Uh huh. That's what u say. They been married for like 50 years #
  • With my pops family. Lots of the rodriguez's kind of look similar… Call me captain obvious… #

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