Twitter Wrapup – 2010-07-23

  • Hypernerds, ask is it difficult to get into the comic con sd?? Did it sell out? I've never been & @emmulate says there no way I'm getting in… #
  • I got my first LA moving violation ticket. The cop was suprisingly nice. I hope its not as bad as NYC tickets, or I'm NOT coming back. #
  • 7/29 – Thurs – Neil Armstrong is San Diego Bound for GRAND OPENING of Analog Bar #
  • RT @DJEleven: @BigJacks + @RoyaleGG + @deejaytheory + a going away party for the homie Bill Bixbee = a great night at FAM #
  • Dorks dorks dorks. San diego comic con. I sincerely wish I was there with ya'll instead of being lost on skid row in LA. #
  • RT @GetliveRO: RT @WonTonClan: we won't be serving wontons today at @somsf but u can catch us next friday @ mighty 4 @djneilarmstrong show. #
  • RT @thefader: Francis and the Lights have a new record of white dude soul. You can win a copy from us right here: #
  • RT @JohnGotty: TheSmokingSection: Free Lupe! There was a time when I would have fought hard for Lupe. Now, not so much #
  • RT @highsnobiety: HS News: adidas Originals OT Tech Hike Spezial Boot Fall 2010 – Beige/Navy Colorway #
  • RT @ThinkHero: Tron Legacy line is ridiculously long, spent too much time looking for parking. #ComicCon #
  • RT @atlasobscura: The medieval Chained Library at Hereford Cathedral, England is one of the last of its kind #
  • I lost my stupid fake tooth on Kingda Ka. Dang RollerCoaster. #
  • more dilla gettin illa… via @hypebeast . You LOVE Dilla Do ya?? well, his please help support #
  • Phew, got to the airport in record time. I gots my hands up in praise. Next stop, LA LA land #
  • Travel gods be kind… Runnin late as usual. #
  • You may be so busy today that you won't even be able to comple… More for Gemini #

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