Twitter Wrapup – 2010-08-21

  • Electric sliding filipino style #
  • Ohh weeeh… I'm playing a crap load of slow jams. I love weddings. #
  • Ya'll nyc folk looking for a nice place to get married, cialis studio 450 is a prreetty dope spot. #
  • The Buzz Log – Have Your Burger Many Ways: Burger Wars Heat Up – Yahoo! Buzz – A KRISPY CREME BURGER?? #
  • i've twitted it once and I'll do it again. This piranha 3d movie looks awesome. who wants to hit it up in IMAX wit me… #
  • You may think that today is just another day, but your key pla… More for Gemini #
  • Finally home time… How u party people do it is beyond me. #
  • With @DJEleven at von with @donwill and @vonpea#
  • Good to see dj boo and breez brewin tonite at room 18 #
  • At room 18 with @Kaycee_notJoJo for a quick reunion #

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